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lirik lagu recipe ft. forty$even – umbrella hat


yuh i honestly got the recipe
maxin out all this sh-t no enemy
pretend play i dont f-ck with treachury
no backstab this sh-t on the memory

you talking you playing with f-ck sh-t aye
i gotta go in like i send it aye
pressure it measure me up like aaye
dispense of your bullsh-t before u will say aye

dead to me uh
i dont need your f-cking talk
simply put
enemy with the walk
little criminal
criminal underworld
teaching u bout the world

pretty f-cker that is i
what is that u despise
look at me in the eyes
switchblade circ-mcise

remember me uh
i am the enemy uh
present to see uh
with commending me uh

death in the darkest of places i hate
we roll sh-t like ball crazy 8