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lirik lagu 1:59 am – umtrillest


not even her
listen, oh girl i still
aye, ooh oh oh aye aye heh aye aye aye aye (i don’t trust n0body)
aye yeah it’s late at night but my words they are very true
for some reason i can’t find myself getting over you
take this in the wrong way that’s something i hope you don’t do
cause remaining friends is something that i’d be cool with too
and still and still you try to blame me for when i want more
but girl in my eyes you’re everything that i’m looking for
the way you live your life is something that i just adore
but baby girl you don’t trust n0body
i’m a real one so i had to let you know
even though you won’t understand because you take me for a joke
but baby i love you i love you i love just let me love you tonight
love it when you call baby please don’t go

that’s what i told her
and she just told me
i don’t trust n0body
aye, aye
i said i loved her
she said she loved me
but she don’t trust n0body
that’s why we can’t

baby i don’t get it do you think i’m like them other n*ggas
i would never hurt you baby you will always be my lady
i would never do you shady you been actin different lately
i would never do you wrong just tell me what’s going on
in the middle of the night that’s when i try to fight cause baby you been on my mind
and i cannot turn off the light cause if i do i cannot hide
can’t stop thinking bout what you doin
this darkness is so consuming
sometimes i can’t even move and i can’t tell point you’re proving
you say i’m overprotective
baby you making me jealous
you got me over here stressing
i gotta teach you a lesson
so i been chasing these b*tches cause you been chasing these n*ggas
we should be chasing each other what the f*ck happened to loving yuh
and now i cannot trust you no more baby this door gotta close
you say you just didn’t know
finally i let you go
listen oh listen oh baby you make me feel like i’m crazy
i’m gonna miss you oh baby your loving was so amazing

took me for granted
she took advantage
now i don’t trust n0body aye
she’ll try to come back
she’ll want my love back
but i don’t trust n0body aye
that’s why we can’t (not even her)