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promised land - una mia lyrics


i guess i am ready to walk through this path
grab me by the hand and
take me away to the promised land
darkest nights
scared of what i don’t understand
holding on but if i hold too tight
it might slip through my hands
i gotta take a leap for myself
learning these lessons myself
know that i’m
made for this
paid for this
prayed for this life oh yeah
you gave me the best in myself
saw how i tested myself
know i can do this
it don’t matter
how many times i fell
i got your help
so i send prayers up to you
not every dream gets to come true
but i’d like to think i can trust you
so i send prayers up to you
patience was never my virtue
but i’ll find my way in the end
my promised land
all in a minute
life is right here then it’s gone in an instant
funny how things can change all in a minute
when you’re so caught up in it
you forget how to live it
this world don’t got room for our dreams
so i hold mine extra tight
singing them lullabies
hope they grow bigger than me
standing tall on their two feet
in my promised land, promised land
my promised land
in my promised land, promised land
my promised land

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