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lirik lagu 100 – uncle answers


keep it 100 i let it fly
look at the numbers they never lie
i fell in love with the other side
touch on my brotha you gunna die
live in the hills and its hard to find
i sign an m on the dottled like
i’m gettin my money you far behind
know who i am, then you fall in line

back back
i’m gettin’ bags
i’m gonna triple it fast
gettin’ it, flippin’ it, jus’ for the h*ll of it
back end, maginificent, gettin’ them dividends
i was just spittin’ that sh*t, they ain’t gettin’ it
intimidating the way i be spending it
bet i invented the way that you flеxin’ it
ahead of competitors, tell ’em come get it then

i be on beast mode, elon
pull up in rolls, no nissan
i just might go to antigua
go put some pole in a chica
think i might just call up my people
my life nice but we all born equal

i’m rich as f*ck an it’s simple as that
jockin’ the style so they callin’ me dad
gimme yo money, i’ll double it back
live in a age where the money come fast
president strange but he cuttin’ my tax
yo money g*y, you don’t f*ck with the bags
your money l.a. in the way that it lags

i said i’mma do this sh*t
i ain’t on stupid sh*t
unless it’s a clueless b*tch
i be on frugal sh*t
got rich on some google sh*t
y’all really ain’t doin’ this
you can not fool me b*tch
cause i know what they doin’ sh*t

put you on game, make the whole fam proud
tell ’em stay in they lane when they say slow down
amazed what i made make the hoes say wow
but they way that i play make your bros call foul

need me a breath but don’t need me a break
i’m reading the breadth and i’m making a trade
you need a degree just to get what i say
the prerequisite is you gotta get paid

i be all about bank like backboard
you don’t know my name say landlord
yo bae gave me brain like stanford
i came, i saw i conquered
sh*t so flame satan got bothered
cause i’m tryna f*ck his daughter
but she love me, wish i’m taller

you be on sleep mode, snooze mode
i’m more like f*ck you, do more
can’t fit, 2 seater, 2 door
i’m rich could be your tutor
got rich on a computer
talk sh*t get put in sewers

this sh*t got me laughing
this really ain’t just rapping
i really got some shooters
i helped them with they taxes

now i’m out of breath
my b*tch breaking bad, like she bake meth
i’m kinda like yo dad, except i’m f*cking rich
if yo life kinda sad, you should talk to me quick
on some positive sh*t, i’ll break down how you’ll get rich
cash out with them profits, or you could hit me with…

a b*tch fit like your 6
say i’m faker than some sh*t
cause you can’t pay your rent
or reside in bas*m*nt
with your t**th upperbit, probally never lift
never clean, sticky sh*t
never been with a chick
less we counting your hand on your d*ck, you a b*tch
or you prolly got kids
how you wasting all your time obsessing how i live?
take them kids to go swim or some lessons or some sh*t, you’re sick