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lirik lagu rap battle – unclesammie


have a place where i put bi ch like you and your crew
you better brace
yourself but i guess you already knew
and this place is what i call a f-cking

i could beat you at anything give me a time and day
i’ll beat you
so bad that you’ll have nothing left to say
i’ll be saying good bye because
you’ll be walking away
and then i would be like oh wait please stay
here i’ll be good and show you the right way
it’s right here beside me this
is where you’ll being to pray

here come here closer listen here
not to be a boster but i’m about to be victorious
im beating you
so bad to me this is f-cking glorious
this battle is over before it even had
a chance to start
i guess it’s not for people like you with a
you think your so good well get it the f— out of your retarted
because if you continue you and the crowed are gonna end up

boy you can’t stop me you can’t win you better run
cause your
this close from ending up on a deathbed
after im done with you, you be
bleeding red
now if you want to fight back i’ll be here
you can be my
number one volunteer
you’ll end just being another souvenire
take a close
look and remember this rear
because this -ss just kicked you into gear
dont shed a tear, its ok
as i end my rap, i showed u whos the king
i’ll show you how i will take on everything
guess what you loose, now please
go hang yourself with a string