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lirik lagu teratisms – undying


may the price of your heaven be this h-ll…
so we wander through all that is
born up from shadows and lies
and everything that i have not
is stained black with the blood of the blind
whether chains of enslavement in silver
or the glitter of the gilded cage
are no less the bars between us
and our dreams as we march to the grave

in the horrors that breathe, of all that will be
let us fear not the lies that they speak
lest we are condemned to die on our knees

as dusk descends so all this must end
let us lift up our hearts and become
the nameless d-mned, will you join the dance?
of their culture’s poisonous song
let night begin, the winds whisper in
the echoing absence surrounds

to claim the means to sever the strings
to the myths to which we are bound

so we reach for the stars above us
for tomorrow may never come
and everything that i am not
is the price of this world come undone
we are washed of the sins of the fathers
in the tears of the wounded and lost
and if we are the last of the loving
may their empires crumble to dust

if our hearts must weep for that should be
let us fear not the worlds, which we seek
if all this must end then mourn not the ruins beneath

the names of the dead, whispered in tongues
voices lie still, songs left unsung
bury these words in ashes and blood
for here lie the worlds of dreamers;
uncharted, decayed – unloved

if our hearts must break and we bear the scars
then blind us in darkness to blot out the stars
and carve our tomorrows in the flesh of the past
so tear off this veil of humanity,
surrender our pain at last.