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lirik lagu 10 – uni blk


finna go super sayin on this hoe

uh, uh
no rest
i’m on s
no stress
get a check
i’m the best to ever do it, they just won’t admit it
all these women keep on tripping falling in they feelings
they should understand i’m focused tryna make a milli
ice cold
frost bit
yea i’m too chilly
i want steak on my plate i ain’t talking philly
all i do is go to work b*tch i’m uncle w*lly
friday’s count it up but i don’t spend it
i need a motherf*cking 10
that’s right
bens, uh
whipping up in a
whipping up in a
whipping up in a coup
no soup, all i need is my bread
all these new n*ggas only talk fed
i thank god all i needed was a chance
and in this music all i need is my fans

10, 10 that’s new beginnings
10, 10 i’m giving blessings
10, 10 receiving blessings
10, 10 on to the next one
all i need is a 10
give it 10

i never forget the problems that i was having
i never forget the people that came laughing
i never for the people that came helping
and now the pot boiling over, yea we melting
yea we motherf*cking, hot
this is something you can’t stop
this is something you can’t
all that motherf*cking hating and debating
contemplating on who they think the greatest is
give a f*ck about who they say it is
man they know who the super sayin is
concrete flow i gotta bring the pavement in
never wait again, ain’t no way that you can weigh this is
i ain’t counting sins man just make sure you bring my payment in
i need a motherf*cking 10