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lirik lagu 12am freestyle – uptown


verse 1:
tell me why they wanna hate on man, f*ck the beef i got paper plans
ot, make bands
and if i went low, i probably robbed your main man
check the facts cos i been there and done that, i rid there and dumped that
act up you can hold it too
my n*gga got a loose screw, he prays without wudu
astagfirullah, i shouldn’t have said that bar but it’s kind of hard
we was left with scars, skinny n*gga wouldn’t start
shh shh, might let that bark and you better go hard incase the sh*t don’t last

still serving fiends, i got million pound dreams, money team make cream, serve cake to the fiends, same sh*t from a teen, getting rich thats the dream, bringing all my n*ggas with me
courtesy of the lizzy, ot with lizzy, flooding all the bobba whitney on my strizzy, man i been getting busy
still pebble down a pack, and this gyal wan trap me cos she seen h*lla racks, but i’m realer than that, still lean in your trap, just sneak in the back and leave with your packs
and you won’t say a thing, catch me posted with my thing
on site broad day, my n*ggas let it ring, holla ramz for the ting he’ll bring it round quick

verse 2:
all my n*ggas do bootings and they don’t say a thing
all these n*ggas love sing, got my n*ggas on the wing, y got a seven and he took it on the chin
we was only 14, judge gave him a bid
we went from l!cking phones to [?] phones on the strip
that’s my brother we was kids, an i’m feeling kinda p*ssed he won’t be home for a bit but i get it how i live, so i’m kinda used to it, remember bummy broke days not a penny to my name so i had to make a change, to make a little change
cruising in a range, i been switching lanes, amg’s s3’s catch me tearing up the street
me and bro 23’s

verse 3:
uptown bad b, i make her roll with me incase sh*t get sticky
i been getting trappy, 4 weeks same tracky h*lla bands in my pants but i want out of the trap
overseas big plans, overseas making bands
these kids talk loads, instagrams got them gassed, i got instant grams, come holla at man anything from a benz to a box
in a benz with a box, cutting to my spot, leather seats in the drop, pour fours in my cup tell my n*ggas toast up rest in peace to my ones
my g’s out the cuffs, long time till they’re home, gonna make it off the roads
buy my mum a new home, she tell me its not worth it but the cats need service so i gotta go hard, one day i live large until then i keep working an go