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lirik lagu emerson kennedy vs. prep – urltv


[round 1: emerson kennedy]
i been buzzin’ wit’ the cheat code…
this just another free throw
get you a feeding tube, iv, another one where pee go
hooked to three cords (chords) your whole life…mustard on the beat, ho
e go, son is dumb
feds who we runnin’ from
turned me to a lizard * y’all ain’t listen where i’m comin’ from
’cause every time i lose a tail, i just gain another one
it’s reptile for prep now
flash one of these
shot off a tripod * prep, bad things come in threes
i’m a master wit’ the leash
criticize my lines
i made nice wit’ y’all advice, trust the vision’s on the rise
van gogh: y’all paint me like i listen half the time
b*tch, this isn’t by design
never do we mention…
you named after a gimmick, was never too invested
will disguise to gain eyes, pitiful intention
but he’s gettin’ what he wanted, but it’s medical attention
this ain’t battle of the vets, it’s a battle of the death
i never rattle, prep just battle, got his apple gettin’ stretched
put him in the er * (*long, sharp gasp*) * gaspin’ for his breath
they ain’t teachin’ you to swim and they yell “paddle” on your chest!
b*tch, this cat is from the west
grind upliftin’
your time’s up, rhymes stuck, get lined up vicious
roy jones: showboat and you gon’ wind up different
b*tch, pine box liftin’
i can’t let the town lose
i’m drawin’ hopscotch, prep: let’s just set the ground rules
plottin’ n*gga found you, path won’t work
this is yoda talkin’: i’mma get the last word first
in the black vert’ skrrt
when the mask down, worry
your past sound passed down
you blast round, “jersey”
all those pics is portrait mode: your background blurry
i’mma step into the garden
these vets acheivin’ stardom?
three battles, six weeks * y’all thought prep would be a problem!?
i’m professional
let you know…burner is this big
leg shot, the kickback turned to a shin dig (shindig)!
i ain’t wanna do it! (*chuckles*)
if you plottin’ somethin’, prove it
cave his chest in, you’ll get wheezy (weezy) first * (*gasp*) * that’s just undisputed
i’mma skip to somethin’ sharp(e)
you overpower when you rap
this is one round, baby, and know i’m comin’ back
these are gems i am givin’ you
know what you listenin’ to
today’s the last time you will witness a miracle
[round 1: prep]
you got robbed? that’s honestly what you feel happened to you last week?
you watched 25 slip through your hands
that “robbed” narrative is a d*mn reach
you went from bein’ the favorite to bein’ pushed behind
the last thing a kennedy should ever wanna do is take the backseat!
actually, it’s a little change to the story
tony bro and goodz picked you, meth picked him
all you needed was her to make up the void
this ain’t the lane for you, boy!
they can’t market you!
how can e sell (ezal) if he flipped when it came to the 40!?
things’ll get gory
i want this n*gga to think i’m soft
drama, go from minor to major, like i changed the course
i ain’t been here since i battled loso!
didn’t think i would take a loss
missed my last shot, so they gave me e
i guess i’m playin’ h*o*r*s*e!
gang involved, these n*ggas actually shooters
go from 50 to 30: i’m passin’ a trooper!
miss a shot, i spin the block, grabbin’ the ruger
this time? machines in the whip: back to the future!
as for this loser? bruh, i could really give you some game
your pen? fire, but* but your delivery ain’t
presence, crowd control, sh*t you learn when you get on the stage
you never been one, e (knee) * that’s why you can’t get ’em engaged!
this is the thing…i respect you bein’ a activist
givin’ speeches to the youth, tryna save the children
i’m on the total opposite sh*t, so for me, it’s gon’ take a minute
the problem? he magic johnson
y’all got this positive n*gga in the league, and i ain’t playin’ wit’ him!
i’m at the place he livin’, tryna kick it in
he got the hinges tightened
f*ck that! .40, to get through the door, like ticket prices!
chaos! ain’t no headshot!
what he get tonight is leg shot, between the opp’ shins (options): i’m indecisive
don’t get my kindness confused for weakness
know what’s important
your dome’ll be pourin’
miss a payment, i’m at your brother home while he yawnin’
since he already owe (radio), i’m airin’ e bro (ebro) in the morning
should’ve ignored ’em
you just took a loss, you shoulda sat down
p called, said, “we got geechi, rum, danny, and on that coast, ek is the next out.”
(*cl!ck*) i’m upset
how, we dealin’ with the biggest pandemic in the world, and y’all bringin’ up the west now (nile)?
check the files! see who all died to me first
for a budget, i’ll stop your enterprise when it hurts (hertz)
addin’ you to the list of n*ggas i k!lled! prob’ly the worst!
bad boys ii, they found ecstasy in corpses
they gon’ find e wit’ dead n*ggas when they go through my body of work!
first, it ain’t what you say, it’s how you say it why you ain’t got the looks
that boring*ass flow why we don’t wanna watch you cook
if it wasn’t for geechi, rum, coffee vouchin’ for you, you would not get booked
be happy you got that c*section, ’cause your delivery is hard to push
the bloggers put up a question, sayin’ why i wasn’t on ultimate madness 1 or 2
i shoulda been all in the picture
it woulda been too easy (eazy): i spar wit’ the k!llas
smack knew when the tournament started, prep would be a problem for all of you n*ggas
[round 2: emerson kennedy]
of course you right…
lemme start this next round, n*gga * them shorts too tight
hold on…

pause, man, pause

[emerson kennedy]
i got punches…schemes…quick lines to flame you
this time will change you, i mix styles in tangles
four bars, then a personal…this why i’m fatal
i know how to tally marks: every fifth line’s an angle
well, i’m not knowin’ who to trust, but i’m knowin’ you is sus’
did that kobe dedication in your battle * cue this up
“he brought us back in the finals”
your statement’s true as f*ck
one question in that lesson, prep: tell me, who is “us?”
you from baltimore, maryland
stop the loud statements
you a gimmick*havin’ n*gga usin’ death for clout*chasin’
right hand about*face him, then i let a buck hit you
show up to the wake just to act like i f*ck wit’ you
groupie*ass n*gga, emotions, he’s performin’ ’em
y’all only claim these west coast n*ggas in memoriam
so flowers, i need more of ’em, or sh*t, just gimme theirs
knife in your head, prep * now, we just splittin’ hairs
goat status, gettin’ there, grew up gettin’ pies off
pre*pandemic, we was eatin’ off the sidewalk
read him in the blind dark, and ask a question to you:
that “prep” name gimmick your idea, or was it nunu?
’cause you was dressin’ really clever
smack started starvin’ him
but then took off the sweaters, and was never on the card again (cardigan)
and now it’s gettin’ cold…
switchin’ up your stock
that image had to drop, boy, the business had to stop
mama said i would change history…i’m livin’ through her thoughts
because now i am the kennedy that’s givin’ you the shot!
b*tch, the living proof forgot, e at the top*top
he, gettin’ mop*mopped
this, is the hotbox
there’s no one at his funeral, corona, doors get lock*lock
his family gotta watch his f*ckin’ box drop on dropbox!
his death is downloaded!
your death is downloaded, i might remove the trash
pitch swift, recoup the bag
i’m just tryna ‘ccrue a stash
seein’ red ’til the bread is what lux and tsu just had
grinding’s in my genes (jeans), period…i want it super bad (superbad)
boy, i’m cookin’ like i do
you switched your look from shy to cool
thought that prep look would get looks, but took you out the loops
now that bow ties in your battles are just lookin’ like a noose
there’s uncle tom*min’ in your stylin’, prep, a spot that you neglect
what type of n*gga wears a sweater and ties a knot around his neck?
and you ain’t spottin’ disrespect?
that karma’s really deadly
your heart is bein’ emptied, but your karma’s really trembly
you dress like a house slave all the time…but callin’ me a preppie
and that’s flattery * i’d rather be a carlton than geoffrey
’cause we both was in the mansion, and set the tone with laughter
but i’m the one that’s labeled a nerd, but he calls everyone a “master”
b*tch, that’s what i’m disaster
gems i am givin’ you…
gems i am givin’ you
and this the last time you had witnessed a miracle
[round 2: prep]
aye, cor’, i been watchin’ y’all for years, but this what y’all taught me, bruh
i’m tired of these pro*black activist hypocrite n*ggas
y’all be blowin’ my mind
breonna taylor k!llers still free