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lirik lagu tay roc vs. t-top (rematch) – urltv


[round 1: t*top]
ayy, it was so hard writin’ for my dawg
i said “d*mn, where am i gonna start?”
i know to y’all, he appear (a pair) a animal like noah’s ark
but i know he soft
you try anything on this stage tonight, and i’ma throw you off
and have roc(k) on his back like a hot stone massage
yeah, i know you fraud
i know he fraud
he ain’t never take no trips for them long plays
i told shine, “it’s a different typa b*tter in the park, k (parkay)”
i put soda on the water, make a crystal out of soft clay
watch it sizzle in the pan, that’s somethin’ you never saw, tay (sautée)
i had them shootin’ up every night, man my scale was jumpin’
i gave them straps, spoons, needles, anything that could help wit’ somethin’
we ain’t even know the police was there, sometimes you could just tell they comin’
it’s like midnight madness, everybody left and had me givin’ out belts for nothin’
sh*lls is dumpin’
yeah, i just talked to my plug last week and he told me that some bales is comin’
and if he throw you work you’ll snitch, yeah you could tell he frontin’
big blade, from the side of your ribcage to yo’ belly b*tton
or i could make him sit wit’ a thirty, i r. kelly somethin’
tell me somethin’
why you ain’t never learn nothin’ from what the staff offer
i mean, even when yo’ career was bad, awful
all we heard was, “get that n*gga roc!”, and you ain’t see how it was bad for ya
but now do the inflation, we see how much that gas cost ya
they put roc in front of a tank, boy this sound like donte vers’ gervonta
i’m on your lawn, tay
wit’ a long k
‘bout to pick a b*tch up in front of the crib, it’s a prom date
you know why we don’t get along, tay?
‘cause i know you never gave a sh*t
after the fight, i was on the line everyday wit’ brizz
like* like where you wanna take it, kid
yeah, we kept watchin’ the footage back tryna see who on stage and sh*t
i seen yo’ man jump front line, yeah he always down to take a risk
i guess chess was just a p*wn that take a risk
why you ain’t jump in that brawl? oh it’s makin’ sense
it’s like the police breakin’ up a catfight: tay’s (tase) a b*tch
but do you know the real part that kept makin’ me sick?
it’s how we said a line about a n*gga moms and you screamed out, “say it again!”
bro it was regular sh*t
but you put so much emphasis on it, you made it a magnificent moment
mook thought we was tryna diss while he mournin’
then some fists got to throwin’
boy you moonwalked yo’ skinny ass to the back stage
put glasses on and was back laid
makes sense to me, ‘cause we know he met his baby mother on backpage
why you ain’t tell ‘em that, tay?
i guess i gotta be the sh*t*starter
tell ‘em how you was scrollin’ online tryna skip the g*ys and she became a list*crawler
and had the b*tch daughter
look look look loook look
i’ll hit all ya, i’m rollin’ through ya neighborhood wit’ two straps wit’ me
the sign say 35 but i don’t do that limit
i’m creepin’ in a car wit’ no tints, they like who that wit’ me?
all they see is me smokin’ roc(k) through a fishbowl like new jack city
and he a b*tch
we ain’t never seen him swing a bit
joe dirt: we found out roc(k) was a piece of sh*t
and y’all wanna know why i’ma end ‘titles too?
‘cause i’m entitled to
a real n*gga like nas album wit’ the n title too
i heard you had a love triangle, and had two men fight for you
then got mad when they ain’t wanna come and spend nights witchu
see, i got a invite for dude from like midnight to 2
i slide on a street fighter, that’s a m. bison move
smack, why you been payin’ this n*gga pennies bruh
you know he just now gettin’ his own car?
i mean you made roc see rentals (roxy reynolds) his whole f*ckin’ career like the p*rnstar
who knew i’d be a mogul? i was stuck on my trappin’ sh*t
i started on the corner then moved up to traffickin’
we was broke wit’ cocaine dreams, n*gga that was it
i learned from craig, when life beatin’ you up, you grab a brick
ayy roc, we ain’t have us sh*t, bro; i really had to pitch these dimes
i had the border locked down on my brittney grind (grin’)
you wanna tempt me? fine
i’ll make this b*tch recline
i had the chop’ in the corner like ric flair, and i done hit the ‘title 16 times
bro i done been to edgewood n*gga, i seen y’all world
n*ggas press, y’all fold, i done seen y’all curl
chess can’t even hold his liquor, we done seen y’all hurl
they had to hold the ‘title up like a ring card girl
ayy, but i do thank you
for comin’ to see me as a man, i’m too grateful
‘cause for years he been runnin’ his lips but let his crew save you
ave, surf, chess, i made a few angels
wit’ bullets the size of belaire bottles, the blue labels
you lost over half your members and now your crew hate you
so all top see is a autopsy, yeah that’s the closest he’ll ever make it to a cool table
first ave and kannon left, i said, “d*mn, what the f*ck is this?”
and then brizz left the group after he seen he was a f*ckin’ b*tch
we watched you change chef for chess and a buncha other crips
like if he kept the wave around, we wouldn’t know this n*gga jumpin’ ship
you dumb as sh*t
that’s why my career’s outlastin’ ya
i’m outclassin’ ya
my gun got probable cause, so whoever ridin’ wit’ him, it’ll takeout passengers
slowly, we seen your fangs comin’ out; you bit everybody that was down bad for ya
accusation after accusation, you know how many we can count, dracula
the coroner gotta [?] yo’ sh*t, [?]
i had the white mixed wit’ the brown: south africa
i heard you got wit’ a tranny, then kissed your baby moms afterwards
they say you made him a bubble bath wit’ a little bit of lavender
you nasty, bruh
y’all n*ggas ain’t f*ckin’ wit’ me
they ain’t f*ckin’ wit’ me
[round 1: tay roc]
ever since you tried make it known that you want take the throne
vibes between us ain’t been similar since (scents), we ain’t usin’ the same cologne
night of main events: i chiseled this date in stone
n*o*m*e; this card wit’ no me, it ain’t a nome
change your tone
there’s no chance for you
they wanna know, if brizz was cool wit’ the both of us then where he stand loyal?
i like surprises, don’t let the plan spoil
but i ain’t one of bizzy (busy) friends, it’s nothin’ but thom’ (time) on my hands for you
blam on you
special beam on the cannon: piccolo
bangin’ it, hangin’ it over top: mistletoe
unload those
i used to sell whole os
even fake white and (in) the glass like all the official snowglobes
the coke sold, i had packs there for me
and i sold dope, it was always some kinda smack there for me
back then, you couldn’t trap where we be
n*ggas would’ve took your herb, honey, and your blackberry, t (tea)
who brought this fat bear to me?
no grizzly, i see cubs
i let a shotgun l!ck out a sh*ll, you’ll see slugs
f*ckin’ wit’ roc, i wanna see blood
lemon squeeze, this’ll hit his lip then (lipton) sink inside t (tea) mu*
you didn’t know? you standin’ in your very own plot
imagine the pallbearers tryna carry yo’ box
he’s heavy as f*ck

ayy, imagine the pallbearers tryna carry yo’ box
you gon’ end up the one they carry home shot
get the red beam on his forehead: that’s the cherry on top
we at war
whatchu thought i brought this mask for
rappin’ ‘bout drugs, ‘til i crack top in his glass jaw (jar)
i pop and that’s when somethin’ collide
a casket is what they had to build the bear (build*a*bear) to stuff him inside
you’ll get beat and battered
upside your skull, ‘til pieces shatter
inf’ beam charge up wit’ a usb adapter
a vest won’t even matter
squeeze the ladder
kings vs. queens: these clips spit, and you gon’ see jesus after
heater clap ya
send a fragment through they shirt
remington sh*ll: look like a mini kool*aid burst
i’m that hostile
when you battled charron, that cat fried you
and you lost against ek, g (ekg): he flatlined you
question: is you high off e or (eeyore) a fent’ perc’
bounce like tigger, i pull this trigger, your head burst
and i could see i hit the bear when he (winnie) got a red shirt
i said eeyore, tigger, the bear winnie got a red shirt
semis’ll pop
if he survive, his weight vividly drop
y’all ain’t gon’ know that it really is top
he’ll get out the hospital skinny as roc
like tommy from martin: y’all gon’ look at him, and y’all ain’t gon’ know if he bizzy (busy) or not
you’ll really get shot in this out of town arena
or pistol*whipped, get blood on something i copped out the houston galleria
ayy, top
you play today, split his sh*t, grab a heater
top fadeaway: jada pinkett*smith, alopecia
middleman actin’ like he the head of a cartel
he done signed up for this, and that sh*t wasn’t thought well
this 30 curl but it don’t be a barbell
duck your taco, if i catch him on tour, t’ll (tortilla) get a hard she*
your skull s*
it’s me
i’m chillin’ right now
i’m tryna chill

your skull swell
the body rot, harsh smell
i just caught the bear in a trap from a trail of some [?]
let’s see if he still talkin’ in that freshly built coffin
unload a shot, open up top: it’s a milk carton
real spartans, we spazzin’
still sharp then keep slashin’
feel heart then keep stabbin’
wheels parkin’, he dashin’
steel sparkin’, heat clappin’
bang glocks, see action

you’re dead n*gga
f*ck outta here n*gga
it’s me, n*gga
f*ck is wrong witchu n*gga

i said
unload a shot, open up top: it’s a milk carton
real spartans, we spazzin’
still sharp then keep slashin’
feel heart then keep stabbin’
wheels parkin’, he dashin’
steel sparkin’, heat clappin’
bang glocks, see action
eight shots, speed past him
graze (grays) top: sheed happens

b*tch, b*tch, b*tch, b*tch, b*tch
it’s me
it’s me
it is me
that’s light
f*ck wrong wit’ n*ggas

graze (grays) top: sheed happ*
boy, y’all see how i beat the h*ll out my kid?
summer impact, your fat ass fell on us, and that’s the only time i fell out wit’ brizz
b*tch, you’ll get hit wit’ every sh*ll out the sig
he ain’t keep his eye on the baby, then bizzy (busy) body fell out the crib
peep, in battle rap, i’m action packed
you ain’t even half of that
who want smoke wit’ the ‘titles? we can have a ladder match
matter fact, magnum clap
his upper half detach from that
all y’all see is the bottom of top, read the snapple fa*
i pack a strap*

that’s liiight
this sh*t easy
i swear to god on my f*ckin’ kids
it’s easy

peep, in battle rap, i’m action packed
he ain’t even half of that
who want smoke wit’ the ‘titles? we can have a ladder match
matter fact, magnum clap
his upper half detach from that
all you see is the bottom of top, read the snapple*
i pack a strap wit’ 30
r.i.p. bernie: the mac is black
grab a gat
8 throwin’ bullets: matt hasselbeck
casket nap
kick in the door where he trappin’ at
have him pourin’ all his os out his bag: it look like apple jacks

it’s me
hold up
i’m on you n*gga
you got me f*cked up
i’m on you
i’m not done n*gga
y’all thought i was done?
i’m not

have him pourin’ all the os out his bag: it look like apple jacks
that’s a fact
we don’t even know what tier he is
outta you and rawsteen, all we wanna hear is brizz
wit’ the suppression, you could still hear the sig
noisy ass shot, point it at top like egyptian pyramids
here it is
you fake showed me props
you phony, stop
i used to think that we was homies, top
now i know we not
you trollin’ roc?
grab a clip, start loadin’ shots
pop up in the bear crib unannounced: it’s goldilocks
this ho forgot

easy, beasley
nah, i’m not done

i used to think that we was homies, top
now i know we not
trollin’ roc?
grab a clip, start loadin’ shots
pop up in the bear crib unannounced: it’s goldilocks
this ho forgot
watch what you say, i know a lot
rawsteen used to roll wit’ the cave, you roll wit’ opps
when you battle me, you get straight bars ‘cause my flow is hot
i don’t dig up dirt, i make sure the dirt go over top

that’s liiiight
this b*tch is dead
easy, n*gga

[round 2: t*top]
i said yo
bro, now when i first heard you was f*ckin’ wit’ trannies dawg, i said, “come on, tay”
i was more disappointed than mad, i made the palm face
the n*gga said you tried to take him to your mom’s crib… that was the wrong place
told his wifey he was chillin’ wit’ the guys… he made a strong case
now i don’t know if the n*gga name was fred and sh*t
but you definitely was askin’ that n*gga for some head and sh*t
he had blue hair like your baby mom, that’s when your lil’ fetish hit
makeup wit’ the painted on reddish lips
he said, “nah, nah, it ain’t what it look like, family”
y’all know how i say it’s coke but it cook like candy
well i believe the accusations, and it took light plannin’
‘cause both his baby moms and his girlfriend look like trannies
so i believe it
now when you first started f*ckin’ wit’ that b*tch, bro, i bet you thought that it was all terrific
new tricks in the bedroom, she was awesome, gifted
all submissive
but since the footage got released out by all them critics
we can’t even call her sister
we don’t know who b*lls she l!ckin’
hypochondria: we startin’ to look at caution different
this ain’t at all a gimmick
‘cause when we want a quick visit, we just call a name
bro you married a sl*t, a who* a* boy it’s all the same
but you think the sh*t is all a game
got robbed for your fake jewelry then went and got a ball and chain
what’s up wit’ this fella?
bro you was supposed to hit it then quit it, but you cuffed it and settled
why buy the cow when you could have the milk for free, you coulda upped and just left her
now i don’t know what roc owe (rocko) in this modern life, but now he stuck wit’ that heffer

bruh they ain’t gotta like it n*gga
shut up

but now you stuck wit’ that heffer
just do your thing, just make sure you can handle it first
‘cause i see you tryna make a family work
and you even put a ring on caution like a amber alert
but i guess that was the love in the air
bruh we told you she was the biggest sl*t of the year
and you had the nerve to s* “what the f*ck i*”, it was us tryna put a bug in your ear

you f*ckin’ idiot
we told you

ayy, but he ain’t wanna listen, i guess know he’s hearin’ it
yeah, everytime she get her ass beat, he responds wit’ arrogance
i done been through baby mama allegations, i coulda showed you how to handle it
but it can’t come from “bizzy the bear”, you gotta talk to bizzy the therapist

{t*top puts on glasses and holds a clipboard}

okay, now
accordin’ to my notes, you been like this since a boy
seein’ pictures of your wife bent over was somethin’ you was tryin’ to avoid
she said he had her lips out wit’ cum stains, you shouldn’t’ve wifed that b*tch at all
you mean to tell me you run the cave and didn’t see the writin’ on her walls
n*gga naw
nah nah nah nah hold on, hold on
the second thing it say, right
it say you can’t get mad when n*ggas say that they had her, too
yeah n*gga don’t be showin’ no attitude
you can’t let them n*ggas know that they damaged you
it’s the evolution charts: you supposed to walk away as a man, but you start by actin’ like a animal
that’s totally different
the third point, stop contactin’ n*ggas askin’, “did you have my girl? di* did you have my girl?”
n*gga you done lost your mind
you up there late night arguin’ wit’ n*ggas, that’s what put you off your grind
but we all know scorpios is freaky, and you should’ve paid more attention to caution sign
i said ahh
see, that’s why your bars no longer move me
your whole crew remind me of ysl, right, but that was all part of the movie
‘cause come to find out, she started givin’ up the coochie to a n*gga named lucci
oh my god
yeah that’s why you shouldn’t’ve never wifed the b*tch
you got him sendin’ threatenin’ messages online like we ain’t just watch that indictment hit
yeah, sometimes your pride get in the way and we can die as men
so if you ain’t got real beef wit’ lucci then why offend (yfn)?
i’m just askin’, and i hope you could set the record straight
you tried to send that man to heaven gates
was ready to k!ll lucci like he was beatin’ on reginae
you gotta do better, tay

{audience member says, “fire”}

i know it was n*gga
don’t say none

ayo, you gotta do better tay
see, sometimes you gotta make sure your friend’s head is straight and that they headin’ straight
‘cause you was back catchin’ for a tranny tryna make it to second base
do better, tay
i take caution, give her saltfish ‘til her eggs separate
that b*tch a breakfast [?]
see, and one of yo’ best mistakes
was when you grabbed jakkboy maine chain like, “what the f*ck is this?”, knowin’ the one around yo’ neck was fake
huh? why you do that?
why you do that?
yo’ best mistake
was grabbin’ jakkboy maine chain like, “what the f*ck is this?”, knowin’ the one around yo’ neck was fake
do you know what fraud you have to be
to clown a man about his chain when yours cost half the piece
that’s why you do not got my respect
‘cause two weeks later, you let n*ggas take what you rock ‘round your neck
and come back wit’ an even faker chain that say “roc” ‘round your neck
i come wit’ a glock 9 and a chop’ ‘round my neck
give him 23 and 1, that’s that lockdown effect
*bloo blaka* from this t is not sound effects
i understand you cool wit’ him like [?]
but sometimes you good wit’ him, then you not down wit’ rex
you came in the game screamin’ how dot mob the best
so it confused me when everyone in dot mob had left
all that drama ‘round this set
it was roc in this and then roc in that
n*ggas took your sh*t, they had ‘em rockin’ this and

rockin’ that

bro why surf and them crips ain’t never ride behind that
something’s odd behind that
all them guntitles but the story red (read), n0body died behind that
and i know you and surf honor them things
the designers and chains
that’s why you stole brizz battle, ‘cause your loyalty’s overridden by your desire for fame

[round 2: tay roc]
i technically don’t need a team, i came in this sh*t dolo, the big cave
who put in more work than me on the big stage?
he would go on strike again if he knew what i just made
you don’t get paid
i cut up top, like a temp fade
split top down the middle: french braids
whatever b*tch f*ckin’ you got some sick ways
you look like a orangutan wit’ clothes on, how you get laid?
fat stupid b*tch; i can call you that in a sl!ck way
or in pig latin: you at*fay upid*stay itch*bay
you ain’t alert?
you knew not to upset me and make it worse
tay is cursed
like june sixth 06 is my date of birth
i came to work
you should’ve dressed up like you came for church
aim and burst
put the bear on a tee: palm angels merch
we militant
sh*t gon’ get a little vigilant, ignorant
split your sh*t over a simple incident
pistol whip
i will dent your sh*t wit’ the pistol grip
spit the clip
big rounds clappin’ like cymbal instrum*
i don’t care if haymaker’s your weed spot
if i was piru in his fruit town, i still ain’t buyin’ your tree, top
please stop
when i cop ammo, they gotta restock
i like g*locks
spot him, got him (spotemgottem): beat bo*
the aftermath, you gon’ see dots
you like a deal on the table, they puttin’ you in a scope to see shots
listenin’ for sounds and they think the beat stop
they don’t know if it’s the chronic or they need to detox
look, there’s no drop tops or any kinda cars in this chop’ shop
you wanna see ars (c*a*rs)? well look, here’s a chop’ top
if he play wit’ him, he better keep ks wit’ him
i be ridin’ ‘round up north, wess’ (west) on my lap: pete davids*
heat stay wit’ him
just for the f*ck of it, no reasonin’
you only safe if the police wit’ him
so make a choice: chicken or shrimp? don’t beef wit’ him
you missin’ the flavourin’ packet? ‘cause when top rhymin’ (ramen), there’s no seasonin’
i have to get at you

i know
i have to get at you
that’s light
that’s light, i gotchu though
he don’t rap like this
you don’t

i have to get at you
rappin’ pitiful: that’s your typical
gon’ make a n*gga smack and spit on you
leave a cat in critical wit’ the ratchet [?]
drive by the candlelight, hit every individual at the vigil
crack the head of you
that’s the only sh*t that’s respectable
show up where you live, your kids gon’ have to ask for medical
i’ll pull somethin’ foul out and catch a technical
we can start oldest to youngest or alphabetical
that’s acceptable
ice pick: stab the neck of you
drag the flesh of you
turn you to a actual vegetable
broke chest plate, crack your pectoral
flatten your lung, puncture your heart, slash the ventricle
in the hospital, staff is checkin’ you
‘bout your pain like, “did it kick in?”, but he don’t know if it’s workin’ like he had a edible
oh you half*man, half*bear? that’s incredible
i’ll leave you hooked to machines: you’ll be half*man, half*electrical
what’s up wit’ this?
i ain’t the one that you wanna diss
this a ass*whoopin’ back in the ‘90s: i brung a switch
pistol whip, it’ll hit you hard as a ton of bricks
bust your lips
fn (a fin) in a bear mouth: he huntin’ fish
f*ckin’ b*tch
and you talkin’ ‘bout caution, some sucka sh*t
‘cause that video wit’ the mother of your child is some other sh*t
but like that video, i’ll have a bm’ pull up, glizzy hang out: sound just like your baby mother suckin’ d*ck
i will have caution bust your sh*t…
what this f*ggot thought?
she’ll stomp you out in slides if you actually fought
y’all seen waterboy, when his girl and his mom had to sit and have a talk?
he get a mouthful of crocs, like vicky vallencourt
clap the torch
shoot through you and who standin’ by ya
smack, he don’t want smoke, he (smokey) the bear, he scared of fires
in the trap, i used to scam wit’ buyers and handle liars
i swear sh*t was a battle every week, like danny mye*
boy i thought you knew that this kid is an elite
it look like you say “f*ck the company” and this the misery you keep
this tool buck, put you infinitely to sleep
i’ll pull up like a food truck and leave bizzy (busy) in the street
hit you wit’ the heat
clap up whatever he whip today
this’ll leave all your tires flat, top (flattop). you think i’m kiddin’, play (kid ‘n play)
you in the way
lift and spray
clock you out, put this 9 to 5 and end bizzy (busy) day
i bring a glock
or a big nose: king of pop
pull somethin’ from the side and top gon’ drop, like jenga blocks
n*ggas play and wanna call out me
end up in a morgue tryna figure out how he died, and that’s all top see (autopsy)
blade to his face, push force through
then right through the stomach, shuttin’ down a organ or two
then right through his foot, steel in his heel like a horseshoe
whippin’ a lot, i twist it in top like a corkscrew
i warned you
now i’ma show you how the sh*t goes
.38: big nose
double barrel: swiss rolls
catch him in traffic, tec wit’ the swiss holds
if you don’t have a mac (mac) on your lap, top (laptop), this’ll hit your apple through the windows
f*ck this battle
that’s light

[round 3: t*top]
i say yo
y’all wanted to talk about the strike, right? you and your man
y’all wanted to talk about the strike, right?
see what i tried to do was take battle rappers from makin’ regular bread to really seein’ ‘em checks
sh*t, i was really believin’ in that
we all put our contracts in a group chat just to see who would rat
and rain told me everything we put in that m*th*f*cka he was feedin’ to smack
that’s a fact
that’s when i found out the hate was real
‘cause he kept sayin’, “it gotta be suge, it* it gotta be suge”, and then we found out it was tay that squealed
so when y’all say the strike ended too fast, i was feelin’ the same way for real
but you know when your co*de’ start snitchin’, sh*t you might as well take the deal
he been top coppin’
yeah if he had a kilo in front of the boys, they would not lock him
and i done gave the people l bowls (elbows), but i can never tell roc ‘bout ‘em (rock bottom)
you wanted a rematch? cool, my n*gga, i put the grips on him
i heard he rollin’ wit’ 60s, well hats off to tha* i put the brims on him
n*gga, stomp him out, y’all gon’ see double soles; i put the timbs on him
take his daughter, she been gone so long, the milk carton say brizz on it
i’ll put a knife in his ribs then put a spin on it
the slab so big, houston, i put rims on it
yeah, and if we was locked in a room wit’ no cops, i get it poppin’ wit’ dude
solitary confinement is what we not gonna do
‘cause i’m a sneakerhead, it would hurt my soul (sole) to have roc(k) in the shoe
but you know the point when i stopped rockin’ witchu?
when you told the world, “i’ll be back ave”, and then you left that man to die in the hospital
covid*19, ventilations, we couldn’t even see his vitals move
then you hung yourself marryin’ caution, she just wanted to tie the knot witchu
ayy look, ayy look
all that gang gang sh*t tonight, you better stand on it
gun bar king? when you had a calicoe in your face, n*gga you ain’t put a hand on it
this your d*mn warnin’
all that “almost about to fight”, n*gga knock it off
or it’s docs involved, bandages and cotton b*lls
swellin’ here, lumps is there, a whole bunch of knots involved
caution tryna get the swellin’ down, ice cube and roc(k) like ride along
yeah, i got the call
not from smack, from baltimore
they say he do not be wit’ k*

i know, shine
i know, shine

yeah, i got the call
not from smack, from baltimore
they said he do not be wit’ k!llers
his gun bars is just bars, he will not pull a trigger
they tried to give me dirt on you for a whole lotta figures
i said he the little b*tch followin’ wave, i don’t need no mo’ on a (moana) n*gga
i got a whole lotta hittas
and when you see ‘em, boy they loadin’ rugers
you said somethin’ ‘bout “on sight wit’ the mac”, well they don’t own computers
i don’t care if you got eazy or chess witchu, i’m still sendin’ over shooters
and whatever’s under roc(k) get ate, like timon and pumbaa
b*tch, b*tch, b*tch
okay, we got some math to do
bruh tell me how the f*ck i came in after you and still end up passin’ you

{crowd affirms, yelling, “facts”.}

[tay roc]
big cap
the biggest cap

they said facts
they said facts

yo, ayy ayy
how the f*ck did i come in after you and still end up passin’ you
i mean that might not seem right to the masses, cool
but don’t act confused
n*gga my first year in it i did the bet awards, and then came back for two
yeah, rapid moves
they never asked for you
netflix specials, i be actin’ too
yeah, funk flex freestyle… aight yeah, that was a nasty move
but i still got business ventures, different avenues
a record label that i own all the masters to
a studio, big artists be passin’ through
i got kid’s world giveaway, yeah that’s a app we use to help kids after school
yeah, i got classic 2*on*2 wit’ brizz then after that, jerooz
yeah, yeah, haymaker, unbearable, that’s two weed companies i’m established through
i’m not sayin’ this for no braggin’ tools
i’m just mad at you
and i’m mad confused
you been in this culture 15 years on average, dude
i mean a star online, ain’t even got a website we could tap into
see, i paid attention to everything you was attachin’ to
the aves, the mooks… the smacks, the groups
feel me?
you been in this game 15 years on average, dude
i mean a star online, and you ain’t even got a website we could tap into
i mean the most you can talk about in battles you done grabbed a boo
nah nah, that’s actually cute
you know what, from now on in battle rap, that’s the move
you leave your bm for a chick not even half as cute and get married too
‘cause that’s somethin’ you been chasin’ your whole f*ckin’ career, to find out it wasn’t worth it like dragonfruit
yeah, i got two nicknames for him in this battle, yeah: drag and fruit
or passionfruit
they been wanted me to kick yo’ ass, i just ain’t have the passion to

[round 3: tay roc]
them fake personals can put you in a lotta danger
that sh*t fuels a lotta anger
you really be bendin’ and stretchin’ angles like usin’ a wire hanger
you not a gangsta
two 9s, both got a laser
they look related but ain’t the same: they doppelgängers
free twork
it was somethin’ i said to him in our rounds
it was, “you the reason n*ggas like me gotta battle swamp now”
that really go for you, you ain’t seein’ the light?
if y’all n*ggas would’ve shut him down then, he wouldn’t be here tonight
speakin’ of swamp, where is that t.i. voice havin’ ass n*gga?
soon as i see the man…
get the whole clip a tiny tips, the heater blam
run up wit’ the chopper out, he like, “is we beefin’? d*mn”
then put the sticks on swamp, look like a beaver dam
back to you, we miss you beein’ the coke*sellin’ fat n*gga
we miss the fake drug bars from this fake crack dealer
now he got all these angles, when you become that n*gga?
bill collector voice: we liked you better as the trap n*gga
i’m mad witcha
your friends, you should try and replace
they’ll tell your fat ass that you’re losin’ weight and lie to your face
an entree already comes wit’ one or two sides wit’ the plate
why would you order another side wit’ the plate that’s the same size as the plate?
you don’t want beef

that was cold
b*tch ass n*gga that was fire
you b*tch ass n*gga

[tay roc]
your friends, you should try and replace
they’ll tell your fat ass that you’re losin’ weight and lie to your face
an entree already comes wit’ one or two sides wit’ the plate
why would you order another side wit’ the plate that’s the same size as the plate?
you don’t want beef, you should diet wit’ grapes
f*ck i need to put it in gun titles or somethin’?
i call the locs if it’s beef, you gon’ die, it’s wit’ grapes
this fat n*gga won’t survive in this place
you ain’t know we got the same jean size: .45 on the waist
take this time to think, ‘cause you ain’t never thought like
your fat ass can’t slide down a slidin’ board or sit on a swing set and be alright
spendin’ all this time witcha kids at the playground and somehow you still can’t enjoy the park life (parklyfe)
boy, i bet your back hurt ‘cause your titties too big for your body, b*tch


you ‘bout to “body*b*tch” me?

[tay roc]

i bet your back hurt ‘cause your titties too big for your body, b*tch
that third round i had for o’fficial can get remixed for your body, b*tch

i’ma cook him
i’ma remi* i’ma cook him

that third round i had for o’fficial can get remixed for your body, b*tch
you fat body b*tch
you chicken snack wrap body b*tch
you got a c cup on the front and on the back body b*tch
confused body b*tch
pregnant in middle school body b*tch
you got that “wear yo’ t*shirt in the pool” body, b*tch
i’ma keep it goin’

{crowd chants 3*0}


{t*top says something to tay roc}

that’s f*cked up
i’m tryna remember where i’m at, that’s f*cked up

you fat body b*tch
you chicken snack wrap body b*tch
you got a c cup on the front and on the back body b*tch
confused body b*tch
pregnant in middle school body b*tch
you got that “wear yo’ t*shirt in the pool” body, b*tch
i’ma keep it goin’
you got a bad health body, b*tch
you got a “it’s a buffet, help yourself” body, b*tch
extra mayo, extra bacon, turkey melt body, b*tch
you got a stomach overlappin’ the belt body, b*tch
him wanted? picture that, it’ll be a large type photo
you a soft type bozo
but that is somethin’ that y’all all might know though
my n*gga crip, don’t think my dawg ride dolo
a call’ll have a bear surrounded in blue, look like a klondike logo

that’s light
now i’ma k!ll him for real
now i’ma really k!ll him
i’m not even done

look like a klondike logo
ayy, top
that summer impact sh*t is old, wit’ no meanin’ into it
but when you threw that bottle, you should’ve tried leanin’ into it
you ain’t battle cal? you could easily do it
i’ll put a calicoe in your face before smack and beasley do it
i pull a switchblade from the side of me
my girl called, i said, “when i get bizzy (busy), don’t bother me”
she think i ain’t got time for her, and that’s silly as it gets
i’ll bring him back split in half: that’s two bizzy (too busy) for my b*tch
50 wit’ the stick
and i could silencer the sh*t
if i look and happen to notice him drivin’ in his whip
like any other hunter that survived in this event
if you see the bear in the field, then fire through the tint
i start a riot in this b*tch if i grip my tool
i ain’t got it all, you know my mind miss out screws
right, left, the big guy snooze
top floored in the building, gon’ sound like i get penthouse views
you a jokin’ n*gga, you be laughin’ a lot
i pull out one 911 (9/11), somethin’ fly and crash into top
your sh*t split
stand over him ‘til it cl!ck cl!ck
the bear laid on his back: yogi after the picnic
run your mouth, ‘til it’s your mouth where a gun is put
son get took to a bridge, and the drop is a hunnid foot
they don’t know what happened, and they don’t wanna look
they just know some cat attacked the bear: shere khan in jungle book
you not a f*ckin’ crook
why you keep talkin’ like you somebody
i will tie you up, make you watch, view the body
your b*tch take a shot right through the body
then top the next person, i’m always tryn’ outdo somebody
he’s talkin’ clever
‘til a boxcutter hit him and carve a letter
like that movie ted wit’ wahlberg, leave the bear wit’ a mark forever
sever sh*t
he get hit wit’ the edge of it
you’ll be dead as sh*t
knife in the bear neck like i’m leo in the revenant
this murder*for*hire
dior runners, balenciaga mask, i could purge in designer
pick through his ribcage, turn it behind ya
then let it spin around his neck: give him a hurricanrana
you see it slicin’
oh he ain’t know that i’ll k!ll people like him
skin the bear then wear him: look like a medieval viking
we is triflin’
cuttin’ ya
leave it stuck in ya
like a circus act how i go for the bear jugular (juggler)
i’m a hustler
and he don’t know what this element bring
i spent a lot on a necklace to bling
i copped a orange charger last year, this year i might do a tesla in green
or a porsche, maybe matte (mat) white like a wrestling ring
you’ll never be king
as long as long as i’m here on this d*mn scene
the loyalty i bring in this sh*t is a rare thing
i told brizz when he was on my d*mn team
just because he cool witchu, don’t mean i gotta f*ck wit’ the bear, ‘steen (berenstain)
f*ck this man mean?
i call a gatherin’
this what’s happenin’
we on a hunt, doin’ more than travelin’ for battlin’
i’m mad at him
i grab a glock, stick a ladder in
somethin’ gon tear if i buck it (bucket) on the bear: it’s paddington
they gon’ have to carry you
we’ll do you terrible
you’ll get beat wit’ a barrel, the sight of the bear, it’ll be unbearable
i’m darin’ you
think i give a f*ck if your d*mn friends wit’ him
it’s 30 hollow tips in this clip: it’s the bare (bear) minimum
i’ll injure him

{tay roc sits down at the edge of the stage and t*top tells him to get up or he’ll walk off}

it’s 30 hollow tips in this clip: it’s the bare (bear) minimum
i’ll injure him
pistol*whip him, get a dizzy brain
think sh*t a game?
you’ll end up in silly pain
spray the can like bear mace, lift and bang
have half of t (tee) wig hangin’ out the bear face: look like grizzley chain
is he insane?
if he say he is, still n*ggas lyin’
tell him like i told the others, i don’t feel n*ggas rhymes
who he foolin’ wit’ them steel*grippin’ lines
tell him
tell him
tell him

[smack white]
we on real n*gga time

[tay roc]
tell him

[smack white]
give it up for roc

[tay roc]
tell him!

[smack white]
give it up for t*top

[tay roc]
tell him!

[smack white]

[tay roc]
da biggest, n*gga

[smack white]
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