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lirik lagu california parkway – vainsmith


[verse 1]
i’ma plant the seed for money trees in my backyard
hopefully it grow like a beast, jack beanstalk
i don’t care for weed less laced with some real thoughts
catching contacts, never that, but i’m h-lla off
you can have that 9 to 5, struggling to stay alive
struggle when them bills due, praise to most high
me i’m on a different of road, tryna go mad far
swimming pool in my living room full of alcohol
on the front porch with my mother, talkin mad junk
telling her my dreams & she told me i should grab em up
never live with false hope, gotta do it for yourself
gotta do it for the people listening to every thought
make yo dream reality & show em what you really worth
show em that you always knew you had it, in this universe
gotta be the first, hit em the verse, make em curse
make em say you hot, give it all you got, let it burn

[verse 2]
always knew i had it but i told em i’ma fade to black
used to be reserved, so n0body really heard me rap
knew i was a writer, always had to put my thinking cap
on for whoever thought that i just gone take a nap
i’ma winner, like like lupita tho
let me change my clothes & show em how i really i do
how i really move, man i’m despicable
never was a happy kid but i kept my cool
& you will never catch me slippin’ fam
now i’m rapping bout real life & what’s happenin’
i ain’t shirley my n-gga, but get it crackin when
time is of the essence & i’m p-ssing all these opportunities
never you & me, usually, it be 2 or 3, others on a roll, please believe
in these virginia skies close yo eyes
fall into a slumber but don’t lose yo mind