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lirik lagu 114 – vasko


i k!ll it on every track that i’ve ever spat
that is fact
all you chat about is bills like the front of a cap
but you ain’t got no cash
if you’re on fire, i’m putting you out with all this water
got a few screws loose, so you finna bolt off
outshining you, sticking out like a sore thumb, uh
you can bet i’m finna blow, make a big flame, you ain’t no top boy
you’ve toppled over like your tryna stack coins
come against me and you know that’s a bad choice
you got bread but you’re burnt out, so you are toast now
i’m spitting profound, tryna get the cash like a dealer in a coke house
murdering mcs, got way more than four counts
i’m spitting quality, 4k, you can’t be bothered, you just wanna get 4k
i’m spitting hot like chilli on a saucе plate
all my flows are smooth like sorbеt
i don’t destroy no rappers career, i can watch them do it themself
i can see that they’ll crash like waves on a pier, rocking all black like stealth
i might just bite right through you like i am chewing gum
writing bars comes to me easy, when you do it, it looks like you’re doing sums
i write in bold but don’t cap
your only a joker with no laugh
i don’t care if you can spit as fast as usain bolt can run his laps
this games a computer screen and i control it like a cursor
you only move in circles like. all the horses in a circus
i make the ground shake when i flow verses
finna blow your mind like kurt did
you just rap with no purpose
you don’t wanna look at me like my head is covered in serpents, uh
imma die a legend and you know i never cap a lot
growing up to be the goat, no polo, i am on top
when i spit a bar, it feels like a bomb dropped
you ain’t got flow or making waves like a ship that’s been docked
cut you out the game like a farm that’s been cropped, yeah