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lirik lagu 02. welcome to my pain! – vect


02. welcome to my pain!

you can enter my mind but you’re not advised
& if something happens to ya no one will hear your cries
my cares gets shorter day by the day
for years people changed me you made me this way

gotta get the mic some don’t know what it’s like
i got the power surge vocally settin’ it off high
in your face with the bass my time ain’t a waste
you wanna feel tha v shut yo mouth after ya get a taste
i’m falling every month nothing ever changes
deprived in my mind speaking my language
i give the fight to survive on with all my might
people keep bringing me down left an right

this place is sickly deranged
all i can say is welcome to my pain
you’re in another universe that’s my brain
getting ya worried an panicked cuz it’s so strange
my world you will see what’s wrong or right
& some sh*t may scare ya an awful fright
things are gone & they’re so used
if you’re the kind i hate we now begin the abuse
my mind is a landmine to snap that’s a fact
watch what you do an step back
pain dungeon that’s from life
very strife i never ever said it was nice
didn’t say it once i said it most my life
in this life my back knows the weapon the knife
all i ever needed was bliss
i never get it an i get p*ssed & squeeze my fists
tha s*k*8*p*e*g*o*a*t
reaching for heaven but god must hate me
a design for my bliss i can never get close
i feel like an empty soul so i’ma ghost
slide the phones on to hear my message
purely put & simple so you won’t be guessin’
open the door, look into my pain
& see the rancid lake from where it all came
when my day comes that i’m all done
should be the day i’m floating like the sun
hear the words of a depressive
y’all who judge me will learn a f*ckin’ lesson
hard times then i die seem to be the story
i’m not going out without fightin’ for glory
i trusted & tried so much now it’s enough
the good side to me at it’s end in the dust

disappointment is my cell mate
i can’t break out either ’cause it’s h*ll’s fate
hey ya think i’m whining? then f*ck ya!
don’t even listen if you’re a hating punk b*tch
play this music an your mind gets wrecked
4 letters motherf*cker an they spell “vect”
i’ll take you on a ride like when you’re all boozed
my own worst fate is i was born 2 lose
so much to try but i feel it’ll never happen
becuz my life always has that weak traction
so much pain i could write a book
come see the hated 1 & take a look
welcome to the pain of tha v*e*c*t
welcome to the pain of maniacal v