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lirik lagu 03. hater on the list – vect


03. hater on the list

let me make this clear:
if you hate me have a reason. if you have a reason, make sure it’s strong…’cause without that you’re just a hater

i see a hater on the list as i close my fist
for a prejudice little b*tch who needs their ass whipped
like you know me or have the right
but i can put in some time for ya if you’re lookin’ for a fight
someone who spits in my face with no right
ain’t gonna last long when i catch’ em in my sight
you don’t know who or what the h*ll i am
but to judge a stranger? you’re walkin’ thе wrong path
you looking to get slammed?
i treat a dudе with respect an be as cool as i can but godd*mn
to be a close minded f*ck? when i come to your turf you better start to duck
see i don’t hate for no reason i got 1 before i hate
so don’t make an ignorant mistake
prejudice ain’t nothing but some bigot sh*t
so learn a thing or 2 about me or come wit it b*tch

don’t read just the cover open the book
but i just can’t teach that to some
so tired of narrow minds everywhere i go
learn something before you judge
so discriminate me & talk that sh*t
don’t listen to me keep your head thick
but just remember this
you don’t know me b*tch you’re the hater on my list
you got no b*lls or anything to say to this ugly face
but you say so much when i’m far & away
labeling me ’cause of the versatilities?
try to talk sh*t till ya get me k!llin’? what’s it gonna be?
you gonna step or speak? playing the punk roll will lose you t**th
have some respect for yourself at least
hate’s a pretty big word plus ya don’t know me
don’t call me homie when hate you shown me
talking some garbage will make me wreck ya
i’ll be quick to take my toll on you & check ya
expect a brick in your sh*t*talkin mouth
coward motherf*ckin’ wimp said you’ll take me out
if you weren’t such a hater we coulda maybe cl!cked
but i’m glad it never happened you arrogant pr*ck
to truly hate somebody requires knowing them
so when the chance comes around i advise you be showing them

that’s cool if ya dislike me but respect my boundaries
so decide on what ya wanna do conversate or fight me
but i don’t take lightly to those who hound me
you hardly even know me but say you despise me
some people just hate versatility
just because it’s not the exact as originally
don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me don’t be lazy
& know me at least before you degrade me
judging my looks & eyeballing me funny
got something wrong bout me then tell everybody?
that’s bullsh*t you know this i’m not just like you
disrespect me then spread rumors to your crew?
you never took time to learn or listen ya stupid hater
i got a saying “au disce au discede”
& to those that wish that i die
don’t worry i will but why don’t you in meantime?
you don’t know me so f*ck you
make assumptions then f*ck you
2 facers yo f*ck you
judgmental then f*ck you
spreading rumors then f*ck you
hypocrites yo f*ck you
sh*t talkers yo f*ck you
all the cowards yo f*ck you
all the fakes yo f*ck you
if you’re arrogant then f*ck you
to every hater f*ck you i said every hater f*ck you!

dislike & hate aren’t the same thing… you assh0l*s better get it right