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lirik lagu 05. family? – vect


05. family?

tell me how could i call you my family?
broke my trust & treated me badly
i won’t bow for things ya did
you aren’t my god plus you keep things hid
i don’t owe you a thing just ’cause you’re my blood
’cause you earn respect same goes for love
where were you when i almost died?
nowhere in my life don’t try to tell me otherwise
you never gave a f*ck you stepped on me carelessly
i can’t trust you ’cause you always embarrassed me
you tеll me to call you but tell me why?
so you can prеtend to be my friend with lies?
i don’t respect you you’re a fake in disguise
you been that way for years hoping i’d never realize
throw money at me to buy my love
but ya can’t buy that my respect or pride chump

without a friendship you don’t understand me
without that to me there is no family
kinship, heredity, that doesn’t mean a thing
it’s all about heart that relates you & me
just because we share the same blood
does not mean it’s automatic love
always tried to make me look like the bad guy in front of everyone
that’s why i never loved you none
i’m not that little kid you pushed around anymore
you try me now & i’ma leave your eyes sore
i don’t have to cherish anyone ’cause they have my bloodlines
real fam is friends that are down for mine
you think i can let what you did disappear?
from every year while you started problems never thinking clear?
you never did anything for me you did it for yourself
but check this fool i don’t want your help
using me dissin’ me & bullsh*ttin me
i’m suppose to respect you? are you kidding me?
i don’t need your hating on my taste & personality
f*ck relations you can catch a beating or fatality
loyalty & love is to be earned & fair
if that isn’t good enough for ya i don’t care