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lirik lagu 11. shitalker – vect


11. sh*talker

[through phone]
ey you f*ckin b*tch! you gotta lot of mouth when i’m not around but how bout you step since you’re as hard you claim & swear to be? you’re a b*tch & you know it ’cause none of your words ever went straight to my face. keep it up you f*ckin coward it’s gonna hurt ya trust me….p*ssy!

yeah….who’s this for? them sh*t*talkin’ haters, them chatty punks…h*ll anyone flappin’ their mouth…

see i don’t look for a fight but welcome it fully i ain’t no bully
you feel obligated to talk? i’ll be quick to stomp your nuts & jaw
till you’re in a coma i don’t pretend the maniac b*tch i’ll show ya
keep on talkin’ i got somethin’ for ya
but i do things a little more level*headed
paranoia problems but i’ll swing at ya you can bet it
if you’re shooting your mouth off f*ck staying calm
yo it’s on & i’ll blow the h*ll up likе a godd*mn bomb
i hear you saying how you’re bettеr & you can whup me then let’s see
lose the crew & the weapons & step to me
i’ll keep it civil till ya diss i don’t care who you are
i’ll put a boot in you b*tch i take things pretty far

keep your mouth closed, keep yourself safe
dont say it to your people, say it to my face
bring it don’t sing it come & talk with your fist
know about this only cowards talk sh*t
what you got in your mind is a lie talkin’ trash online
if i could reach through this computer i’d break your spine
ya never know how fast talkin’ sh*t can take a life
i’ll teach a stupid f*g to step to mine feeling tough? get in line
i look at the scars on my fist
& begin to think of the last mouthy b*tch
i won’t tolerate the smallest f*ckin’ diss
you’re trippin your ego’s slippin’
put my barrel to your head ’cause i caught ya
now your f*ckin’ pants you’re p*ssin
you wanna look hard & impress? come to vect
as bad as you wanna be expect nothing less then a f*ckin’ mess
you insult an insane individual
then the outcome is just common sense
gain a new regret

if you ain’t a homie or know me i highly advise you mind your own
after that i’m breaking bones
you’re the kind of people i see through who f*ck with something lethal
you’re not too bright to provoke the wrath of someone evil
i never wanted a problem but you assembled it perfectly
so i have no choice but to teach better learn it see?
f*ck with the bull get the h*rns
leave your mouth completely torn
so close your mouth punk motherf*cker you have been warned