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lirik lagu 12. lies of lust – vect


12. lies of l*st

i treated you great tell me where did i go wrong?
you didn’t want someone lucid you preferred the abusive?
never thought someone like you i believed was true
could play me like a tape & awaken my hate
you claimed you were different & felt my pain from my past
but you only repeated it with cheating behind my back
you couldn’t fool me for long my sensеs razor sharp
but i denied evеry image of you breaking my heart
you k!lled a friendship, respect, like a self intended robbery
you made a mockery of me i thought i had your honesty
once again i loved, you were my heavy dosed drug
but it meant nothing to you so i quit you & threw you

i can’t deal with a cheat
so i’ll leave you beneath
’cause dishonesty
i can’t let you keep
revenge is a must
for a liar of l*st
this infidelity
i must see you bleed

you gotta live with the truth that you’re a f*ckin pig
& that you have no heart for the foulness you did
i’m disgusted you i trusted & then ya f*cked it up
i wanna break your heart like your legs i wasn’t enough?
i could of took that & walked
but ya had to be a coward & lie whenever about it we talked
could of ended with me but trust is dead & you blame me?
i didn’t do this to you, you betrayed me
i knew something wasn’t right i even felt it inside
then the bombsh*ll landed on me that night
i snapped without hesitation with you disrespectin’
now you’re 6 feet deep with time to think long about this lesson
how the f*ck could you even live with yourself? what kinda cold*hearted c*nt does that to somebody they love? never in my whole life would i of ever ever done that to you. you unfaithful backstabbing cowardly ungrateful dirty lying b*tch. now you got all the time in universe to realize how f*cked up you were….as wrong as you did me….you had to pay….