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lirik lagu 13. tha destiny – vect


13. tha destiny

it’s just the m*i*c that’s all i can trust
taking beatings from hard times tryna stand tough
only thing i want from this life is for you to enjoy
the jams i make gettin’ hands to wave
that’s the 1 thing that soothes the wounds
of this h*ll i burn in to remove the bruise
all i got my 1 plot i can’t stop to undo the knot
music is my angel & it’s all i truly got
i love it to death & i love yall who listen
i love y’all who gimme a chance instead of dissin’
i see so many that ridicule they’re pitiful & hypocritical
idiotic individuals
ain’t a f*ckin’ thing ever gonna stop me
unless you k!ll or drop me that i’ma make a lot see
many times i was falling so fast & hard to my doom
but music caught me

destiny, can’t stop my destiny
you can’t f*ck with my destiny
this is tha destiny
the toughest test for me
but it won’t get the best of me
this is my destiny