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lirik lagu war – vert blanco


[intro] :

you don’t want war with my gang
all of my n-ggas insane

[verse 1] :

you don’t want war with my gang
cop me a coupe blow the brain
i keep a stick like a cane
no one be flexing the same
vert blanco you know the name
i do this sh-t for my brothers
i run up them numbers
number nine and undercover
40 it sound like the thunder
i’ll let it go whenever at whoever
i keep a heat no matter of the weather
f-ck a t-shirt , supreme on the sweater
lil n-gga big dog applying the pressure
rick owens pants i be walking in leather
i swear i’m gon’ make it cause i paid the price
raf simons kicks i can’t wear em twice
lil n-gga mad cause i’m f-cking his wife
don’t try to run up cause we gon take ya life
you try to run down then we gon reap ya soul
lil rari wit me and he keep a pole
i keep a toaster my heart is on froze
ten toes down this the life that i chose
that boy is a clown red dot on his nose
this life is a gamble but i rolled the dice
they gon hate when you just living life
bet they all love you when it’s time to go