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lirik lagu 004 – vibe world order


verse 1 (groovy)

lame boy from the hottest d-mn team
dread locs long and some baggy -ss jeans
joggin through the party with a hottie on me
thinking what my baby would say if she saw me

call it quits take a hint and take a mint
blew fast too fast intermittent
blue truck blue cash purple women
too soon toe tag opposition

he ain’t gang he a n-gga with a mission
i ain’t her man im a n-gga with permission
she a fan she just wanna take a picture
i ain’t mad i just wanna switch positions

if you feel it nod ya head and throw a kik
skip the # whats ya gram whats ya kik
free smoke f-ck a gram and have a zip
she dont smoke but she blowing on my —-

sorry mom
but i live every daylike its mardi gras
wonder if she single man prolly not
but i just dropped a single and she love my songs

hook (reg mason)

get loose, get rage
get boose, n-gga
get paid

verse 2 (reg mason)

yo, put on ya clothes if you aint my chick
put on ya pose
n-ggas are my kids

they want yo -ss not yo hairdue

rip off ya nose
like im egyptian

what these n-ggas talkin about?
we put the world on our back, never open ya mouth
n-ggas imitating, no one ever spitting it out

they water it down and wonder bout the similar sound

i was raised, never turn on yo kinfolk
get bread, act a fool in the endzone
they got a new ice camp at my chick home
crochet, they dont wantchu witcha lips sewn

i got a bar to beat
new cut new n-gga new card to keep
way better got a fresh new boo to meet
and if i cheat thats a brand new car to key.!

verse 3 (gini)

f-ck acting cool on the beat

just have a seat
before you get yo -ss beat

from here to down the street
i’m on some beast sh-t
she likes to party
like that’s on some me sh-t

ouu, loddy doddy, tell her come and find me
woah woah
supersonic, meet me in the lobby woah woah
comfy dude, other name is “tommy” woah woah
old news, n-ggas always copy, woah

who told that other n-gga it was easy ?

no free be’s

float like i’m breezy

i think she want money

that’s why she always cheesy

she telling me her friends wanna meet me

i don’t give a f-ck
she trying to get me stuck
but i’m moving like a truck
i move so low while you n-ggas live it up
she hitting up my n-ggas like she wanna move with us soo


bridge (reg mason)
i don’t ever wanna m-i
i don’t ever wanna make you
come true

verse 4 (dante)

i really just
can’t seem to figure it out
it’s like these p-ssy n-ggas always talking sh-t out they mouth
they getting loud till i pull up with bl!cks at his house
oh he a rat? trap his -ss turn his -ss to a mouse
we getting loose n-gga
i make her loose n-gga
they sayin hendrix ain’t the best and i said who n-gga?
they saying vwo ain’t finna blow the roof n-gga?
pour up some remy take your ma pappose n-gga

this is dangerous
a game that just these n-gggas can’t play with us
we f-ck sh-t up precise aim bang we bust
you lames are dust, in vwo i trust

break (d-ck gregory)
“the problem is, look in the mirror it’s you
if you go out & then let the crabs hang out
they not pulling on one another

don’t drink up the hot water.”