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lirik lagu 10k problems – vic mensa



n-gg-s asking where i been at, i gotta recap it
relapsing d.r.u.g. habits
tryna move forward, depression been holding me backwards
recovery ain’t a straight line
what’s going on like marvin is
i heard through the grapevine that i’m falling off
i been on another planet, over they head with the last alb-m still they didn’t understand it
now i’m in a panic, scrambling for relevance from a bunch of people that i consider irrelevant
the elephant in the room, is the music coming soon?
if it gets you on will you jive, will you c–n?
now i’m on 10 in this 4 corner room, dead inside like a baby that’s aborted in the womb
overpressured and undervalued, i’m never enough
i got a complex in believing i’m a f-ck up
then i got complex feeding my demons and they read it and validate the reasons that i don’t love us
i left my woman cause i couldn’t keep this sh-t at home
you can’t be good with someone else if you ain’t good alone
see every girl that try to do me right, i did them wrong
but even dogs get tired of chasing a bone
i lash out with violence and deal with the karma
i broke a bottle on a n-gg- head out in toronto then got extorted for $10,000
honestly that was the least of my 10,000 problems
my pops had a surgery on his neck and was paralyzed, it’s a painful process watching your parents die
and n-gg-s look at my life and think i’m in paradise, don’t know the blood i spilled over these parasites
sh-t is deeper than rap n-gg-, my right hand scammed me then framed the homie like a cl-ss picture
so i went and thrashed n-gg-s then that n-gg- twin brother called his brothers tryna come and clap n-gg-s
so i’m ridin’ round with the strap n-gg-
beverley hills police pulling up on me cause i’m a black n-gg-
now i got this gun case, facing 1-5, a lawyer’s fees can’t pay my mama not to cry
surrounded by homicide, i got survivor’s guilt
wishing maybe i’d be better off if i got k!lled, wishing planes that i’m on would crash
first cl-ss flight to an early grave, i’ll be home at last
i’d just look at the microphone and laugh, would i have ever picked you up if i knew what i know in the past
summer skies all overcast, if i don’t make it to tomorrow then play this verse on my behalf
i told my whole heart