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lirik lagu the stairs of the world – viking


here you can see the world alive/ all engaged in its different works/ with the people on both my sides/ i like hearing their colourful words/ i see a boy who’s kissing a girl/ and she looks right at me/ she wants to say “you are alone/ you can’t receive what i can feel”// why do you want to make me suffer?/ why do you want to make me cry?/ i have done nothing bad to you,/ and you, you don’t, you don’t even know me// when i turn into ash on the stairs of the world/ i see all the people come and go/ when i turn into ash on the stairs of the world/ i watch a horrible show, i watch a horrible show// this is the place where a promise is told/ and i wonder if it will be holden/ where a misunderstood white dress/ is sign of faithfully love confessed/ where all races meet in a crazy dance/ full of colours and sounds, religions and lands/ i know that you all men will p-ss here someday/ and something you will think, you’ll understand// will you go back to your homeland?/ and will you take what you have learned?/ all this singing and dancing and singing and dancing/ is the diversity of lives/ and this keeps this world alive// when i turn… // all this moving and speaking and burning and freshening/ is the heart of the cosmos/ we are self-moving p-wns in a game/ we are like a picture that knows how to draw itself/ the heart will beat along/ if you come and dance on the stairs of the world//