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lirik lagu 1996 – vikki flowz


[verse 1: vikki flowz]
1996 was h*lla year (h*ll yeah)
i arrived to this world
with my baddest pals (ma ladies)
had no idea we turn out so good (i swear)
let me share some secrets
while i’m in a mood (bear with me)

hey baby girl
let me tell you some (love)
i know and seen where you come from
got little lips and big smile from your mom
don’t really go out in our small town (kolomyia)

newborn and cute but it all passed
now you gotta leave warmest of nests
rest your head don’t sweat it, it’ll be fine
lots of things to learn * know you can fly
(whoop whoop)

from the start understand no one owns you sh*t
once you memorize it, it’s much easier to live
second thing to know * no one cares about your problems
solve ’em, eat ’em, make ’em former, no one wants ’em
(gotta get it)

don’t play with your life * you have only one (don’t)
you’re ten but older friend smoking on a blunt
popping can or two they say you can too
careful what you popping start small but have a due

[chorus: vikki flowz]
i arrived 1996, yeah i arrived
i’m a girl, i’m young and i’m totally white
no privilege to be on a hip hop grind
but i’m trying yo! look, i try!

twentieth*century ‘96
mom and dad combined a major mix
it’s me vikki flowz i’m not a kid anymore
you wanna talk or more i’m waiting at the door

[verse 2: vikki flowz]
hormones hit the head you’re starting heating up
hitting on the older boys you can’t stop
gotta have a guy cuz everyone does
gotta find out what’s s*x cuz everyone f*cks

it sucks cuz you don’t have your own brains
i can totally get it i was just the same
though i learned from elder * don’t repeat mistakes
we grow from own experience, mistakes we make

tryna be cool but it barely works
eating gossip with two forks thou it’s getting worse
of course you’re getting too big for that kinda cr*p
too late * you’re sitting on your old cranky man’s lap

the man got money * don’t like your cute lips anymore
provides you cash on regular to blow up more
you do all kinda jobs but can’t provide for yourself
you put your ego long ago on the furthest shelf

[chorus: vikki flowz]
girl, gotta listen to yourself
to your heart what it says
tell me what it says
girl, there’s no need to pretend
today’s trend * tomorrow’s trash
do what your heart says

outro [lex]:
vikki vikki
vikki vikki vikki flowz
oh, hundred rows
vikki vikki
1996, 1996 was h*lla mix

[ending: part from j. cole’s 1985 track, kod album, 2018]