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lirik lagu 0 to 100 freestyle – vinny vintage


[verse 1: vinny vintage]

i go zero to 100….real quick
but yo im lying if i say that on some real sh-t
cuz i be in that toyota matrix
its slow when i go to lane-switch
but im still eroding pavements
on roads i don’t know the names of
im going from, a to b, g to q to z and back
my standards high as kal penn on a cheetahs back
my pen caliber- 40 cal with a silencer
shoot em and you won’t hear a thing but trust me you gon see it snap
and i don’t need a strap like i don’t need attention
so save your energy and stop like a prius engine
i’m dropping these car bars foolin’
you telling me to stop is telling charizard cool it
you sound stupid
i go 0 to 100…f-cking k!ll sh-t
i heard some basic rappers rhyming that with will smith

well, my flow is hot as “summertime” in “miami”
but in ’05, i’ll say i didn’t feel “switch”
turn around now, same year he came and k!lled hitch
eva mendes -ss on my trill chick, playa
kevin james comedy, sipping a cold mahogany
eating lunch a la carte while im reading descartes philosophy
meditations? all 6
that’s why i doubt the simple fact we really all exist
my crew need medication cuz we all sick
you dudes need medication cuz your b-lls itch, wow
young talent trucking the defense, keep em from coming
my rise is highly debated, it feels like jesus’ -ssumption
my rhymes are newly created, you’re sh-t is always recycled
but i ain’t mad cuz you kids should always always recycle
man, these lame -ss hipsters saying nothing new
ideas uniform, i went to public school
and if i had to pull the most random reference from the air
i would have to say: cheaper by the dozen 2
i never watch a wack movie more than once
if you watched the same sh-t 26 times you’re a dunce
f-ck it yo im done, hilary with s-xism
progressive voter i’m treating them all with skepticism
vintage immortal, you mortals are never messing with ’em
my flow is godly, you’d think that im in the session with ’em
like, “turn me up, god…turn me up, lord
it’s still sounding weak, dizzy turn me up more”
f1dg in ya area, sk!llset various, quill pen carrier
world cup season so i still rep italia
and us too, i’m too fresh dude


[talking, segue into verse 2: vinny vintage]

feeling doper than everything right now
i mean, who else is saying they’re
eating lunch a la carte, reading descartes
my heart bleeds for this art as i pick your weakness apart
and i build from the foundation, it’s gr-ss roots
a difficult route to my destination
i rap truth, grew from my past and i have to say it’s a blast
as im blastin off and you’re watching my maturation
i’m tryna do this for real…whoa
i’m tryna do this for real like a film so the cameras rolling
no scripts present, b-tch, no kids better on campus flowing
no diss records, i’m just happy flowing
im relaxed, a little bit more laid back if you haven’t noticed
cuz summertime is awesome…that’s why im vibing, laughing
even though the grind can f-ck your mind up
i just bought some wheels and i know they got quite some traction
give a f-ck if you judge me, i’m standing in front of bunch of simons
half the time i’m spazzing
and everyone can gossip, and find some bad sh-t to say
like im the bat-sh-t crazy guy from m-n-lapan
talent tiny as the chick t.i. is married with
but, that’s your final -n-lysis? fine, then have it then
or run and find your gl-sses and see that i am the savagest
guy in the cypher channeling quiet rambling simulcast alongside this madness
i’m stammering
so grab my hand again, if you feeling troubled and can’t begin
but if you b-tches f-ck around like rachel posner
ima have to make that phone call and bring doug stamper in
forgive me, that’s just some house of cards rambling
im tryna be the man again…
hate to repeat it, i’m just tryna be the man again
san antonio sh-t, go from loser to champion
k!ller sh-t that we on. llama and free on
ziggy and beyond, you couldn’t sleep on with an ambien
rap for millenials…looking for work
interning but in turn you get turned away, its concerning
in turn we stay so determined and try not to be discouraged
i know ima get this bread, im waiting on sh-t to flourish
that’s why my flow is on some b-tter sh-t
i feel like i was running 1st place but i slipped, ima catch it though