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lirik lagu deepend – vladimir calvin


i don’t want this feeling to deepen
i just don’t want everything to depend
no i don’t want to depend

(verse 1)
say what they don’t believe in just for the sake of conversation
trying to not provoke a confrontation
and it test my patience
the characteristic shared across the inter nation
could you blame em?
or the world’s will be filled with silence
substance of imagination
pour of emotion
once speaking
know you’re in a deep end
cause now there ain’t no meaning
there’s always something
if world worked that way
will there be lack of self worth?
depression, never feeling safe
the thoughts that affect
the very deep end
thought i wanted to go alone
but i think i need a friend
need a friend and the nonsense
the mindless and the discussions
that provoke my thoughts
channel my inner fantasy
deepest p-ssions
pursue and do
making strategy
tell me what they don’t believe in just for the sake of making conversation
pretending to care cause there won’t be such when respect is no longer there
see emotions deepen inside, the feeling of hate, anger, dependence
feeling something’s lost when bad and good are not faced together
cause there are two faces to every side of a human
good and bad, but when we’re closer
we changed the verb to two sides
like a c-ssette
then changed back, threw that word out
the window
only the pain remains
when life separates away
then we’re finally awake

never knew i depend
with the feelings always deepen
never knew i depend
until i face this deep end

i just don’t know how to say it
i feel like love’s lost sometimes