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lirik lagu drunk dial – vnis


remaining independent baby?
what have you been doing lately?
sorry didn’t mean to call your phone
like this
lady tell me what you have on
can i get a picture?
you know how this go?
know you down for more
but i’ll ask for sure

cause i can’t be too careful out here
looking so good and its not fair
if tell you my intentions
forget a mention
i can slide through in 3 ta 5

i know
you want my body now
can i just hold you
baby console you
then i’ll rub your p*ssy down

swimming on the surface
now i think i earned it
touching that spot on purpose
baby tell me was worth it
i like it
i’m excited
can i show you what i really mean?
can i swim up in that ocean?
baby it’s an ocean
i likе it when you do it
this is my devotion
i love it whеn you ride
i love when i’m inside