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lirik lagu 3d1tor ft. the editor – voiddweller


no f-cking trace

f-ck up get phased out of existence
memories missing ident-ty now distant
ghost hack override the old
no clue who you are, live your life all alone
you gonna wish it was pseudocide
any proof you were alive get liquified
public’s amnesia set to override
your bloodline is about to get nullified

sealed room in the goo log
see the nuclear family up on the -n-log
one telegraph, it goes black
shock troops raid kids throat get slit fast
wife grabbed forced to look at
what will broadcast as kids that that got slashed by
their mom , gun to temple the weapon’s gonna bang like car bomb
while that td hit hit’s and you recite psalms
pray if you must, still get snuffed, your record on this thumbdrive
sh-t gets crushed
brain flushed like angel dust puffed
news person insert, some homeless old f-ck
add arrogance and sh-t luck
then start surveillance and watch you combust
self immolate with no legacy
that’s what

i’m the editor
edit life