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lirik lagu cloud 9 – vxnomthemenace


(real witchcraft)
b*tch im on cloud 9
you dont wanna try
imma f*ckin end yo life
we inside the clouds all f*ckin night
and i brought a f*ckin blade we gon end yo f*ckin life
floatin eyes in the sky on my broom i fly high
i keep a mask on my face so i can sneak give a suprise
its like 2055 its a party in the sky
you can’t get inside the club if you ain’t willin to die
party all night
we inside of cloud 9
parties inside of the sky
dont tell a soul or you’ll die
i walked the stairway to heaven
crossin rivers made of gold
and i sneaked in past the gates
i saw the truth unfold
and im inside of thе clouds flyin high
you can’t find me now
you won’t find me for tonight now im in the clouds
thе screams pierce the sky
golden fog emerges from the top
you can see the stars fall down the clouds start to drop
cloud 9 never stops
f*ck the lord i think everyone should worship me
im the devil on your shoulder telling you to do some things
go and take a knife and end ur motherf*cking life
im no longer inside my skin
now u see me right
im a demon from the depths of h*ll
grab a f*ckin knife and stab yourself
slit your family
i dont care about life
if i die and disappear ain’t no one gon bat an eye
ive been depressed and maniacal my whole f*cking life
imma take a 12 gauge and put that sh*t to my face, blow out my whole eyes and my f*cking brains
f*ck life i’ll reign forever in the astral plane
i’m on cloud 9 feeling f*ckin great
i got knives i got masks i got gristle blades
im so f*cked up in the head nah i can’t be saved
i keep a broomstick in my closet if i need to fly away
i dont give a f*ck bout what these b*tches got to say
goin crazy on dis sh*t i dont even try
im not quiet yall b*tches are just not worth my time
stars in the sky but the sun still never shines
i be flying high up on my broom
i’m flying in the sky
im inside the astral plane
smoking h*ll fire
i dont know why you think that you are worth my time

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