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lirik lagu first day out – wa$hington(rap)


last take of this shit man
i swear, i swear

first day out this muthafucka
student loans callin’ me
stay applyin’, bills pile-in
eatin’ top ramen
they said i’d be happy
said i’d be doin’ things
big things, livin’ life
why they lied?
this ain’t right
cuz i can’t, cuz i can’t
sleep at night (uhh)
know that my family gone
work till they die (uhh)
i’m in the rat race now
i was caught up
didn’t see till now
was catchin’ bodies
tryin’ hobbies, learnin’ how
to live my life
didn’t realize it was cut and dry
get a degree, you’ll be okay
people workin’ 9 to 5
livin’ life on a budget
they got rent and debt
the corporate grind
this ain’t what i wanted
stay boxed in, dolph lundgren
wanna be somethin’
they told me, told me
you can be anything
take four years away
feels like a haze
cubicle like a cage
tryna break out but
blueprint all fucked up
degree, job, family
then you die
did i mention
needa pension
gotta work 40 years at least
to even get a piece
of that pie
i’m happy but i’m dead inside
high school diploma
getcha a job at mickey d
college degree
charge monthly
gotta pay for books
nothing comes for free
thought gr-ss was greener
gotta get to the other side
just propaganda
n-now i wear a monkey suit
clockin’ in 40 hours
sleepin’ 5 hours
tight margin
blow it at a bar, bar, bar
only livin’ on a weekend
i peeped back way back when
habits creepin’ in
drownin’ in sin
shoppin’ in
bargain bin
discount clothes
gotta p-ssion
without music
i would lose it
wouldn’t cope with none this shit
least i gotta girl
she dress up to work
never for me
and i’m horny
meet up after work
i finally see her
and she just sleep
maybe get slurp
once a week
i’m so weak
this shit’s beat
i know what i need (what i need)
needa takeoff like a migo
i should be happy
maybe it’s my ego
thought i’d be
big by now
gotta grind
on the side
i work full-time
time can’t get back
and they tax me
tax me on it
like 40%
college turn ya to a robot
y’all don’t teach money sk!ll
they want ya
want ya to be
slave to the system
just like me
welcome to the real world
happy graduation
first day out this b-tch
start applying