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lirik lagu 0-100 (freestyle) – waka flocka flame


bsm we ain’t a label, we a f-cking mob
every single n-gga with us is a f-cking boss
n-gga i’m a keep it real, that’s a fishing rod
if you got a problem, we got shooters that’ll get involved
oh lord
ya’ll done got em started, n-gga
oh lord
when they pull them choppers out you better run for it
and that’s just on some trill sh-t
they go to 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
they say flocka can’t rap
so what? i don’t need it
i put n-ggas in the trap
now i’m what you need, n-gga
neighborhood supplier
you better believe, n-gga
smell it through the vac
don’t even need to see it n-gga
ceo, ap on my arm
check my neck, 80 piece for this charm
we ain’t the same, i’m a king, you a p-wn
your name ring bells
mine ring the alarm
i led my n-ggas to the water, so we all drink
my team strong ain’t no room for no p-wn links [?]
still that same hood n-gga
what did ya’ll think?
if this me [?]
oh lord
ya’ll done got me started, n-gga
oh lord
that done got me flexin’, n-gga
oh lord
walk in my garage just like chauffeur
pull up 0 to 100 real quick
black bently pull up
looking like it’s gothic
street n-gga throw up in a 50 just to wash it
i get paid to go to cities just to moshpit
came a long from selling tins out the projects
i know n-ggas never been to a college
they just tryna whip a benz out of pyrex
going hard on the benz for the profit
you ain’t counting unless you box for deposits

[verse 2:]
i went from 0 to a million n-gga real quick
big gun, i k!ll a n-gga real sh-t
you got a head cause i salivate real spit
i went from 0 to a million just freestyling
dirty laundry, this way this money piling
seem like everywhere i go i get respect
seem like everywhere i go i get a check
i went from 0 to some millions like i’m alex n-gga