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lirik lagu 365 – waldo


365 on this calendar, 360 deal for these rappers
70 sheets in this caliber, good with the hammer like gallagher
i’m not a bad person, i’m just imperfect
got me searching for god in this challenger
i ended up ridin’ a camel back, through the desert like a cadillac
me and sango, we go back to back
if i never met bro, man, imagine that
pull up to shows on a battle cap
like i’m he-man, get split with a battle axe
at the crib, watching battle rap ’cause steel sharpen steel
(’cause steel sharpen steel)
i was rough around the edges, now i got the weapons to k!ll
(i got the weapons to k!ll)
but you only get one (only get one)
one life to live (one life to live)
so you better think twice (you better think twice)
and then think again (and then think again)
you losing your mind? (you out of your mind)
you can see how we winning, we come from humble beginnings
now n-ggas is stuntin’, like we jumpin’ out windows
did it 360 like n-ggas is dunkin’, call it a windmill
interview with no jumper but i make the shot at the buzzer
i don’t want the ad, want the cover
is that too much to ask for? tell me if i’m movin’ fast-forward
see a hunnid on the dashboard, doin’ numbers, i might crash
and walk up out it, not a scratch, hit the cue ball and turn it black
i be in my city like i’m skinny black
gold on my neck, swingin’ like bat
circle ’round the a, tell me where you at
[?] smokin’ on the gas
fillin’ up the tank like lieutenant dan
you can’t sit with us, don’t know where you stand

desperate times calls for desperate measures
in sacrifices crack a smile but i’m really stressing
mid-life crisis, 25 with no car to drive
just j’s and nike’s that i purchased to hide whats inside
i feel lifeless, i can’t keep up with no fake facades
fake environments, no longer will i be a fraud
or be afraid to tell it all, this is who we are
no movie stars, just some real n-ggas, just some real n-ggas