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lirik lagu lycanthropy, pt. 2 – ware-wolff


[verse 1: ware*wolff]
i represent the harbinger of death
keep severing through silhouettes
stabbing the chest, leaving a mess
keeping on chasing ’til you out of breath
this is villainous and bad stimulaters
sorry s*x, i manifest with no regrets, leave you to fester with the rest
a desecration, straight possession full of hatred rage
ogle over tasks, imagery, lividity and pigmentation bleeding red ’til certain death
a sight from tainted grey decayed invadе her flesh

[verse 2: con*crete]
this is con*cretе, the cream will blast, s*m*n is sickening
i’m raping nuns with no protection, conceiving the children of the d*mned
god d*mn, and that’s before i even transformed
i’m patient, smashing times cut off your transportation
and as the full moon rises into the sky
it’s time to get violent, closet shut ’cause i file ’em
terrorizing your family but i hide ’em
night vision guarantees the fun at the speed of life of a lycan

[verse 3: reverend fang gory]
no lives matter motherf*cker, k!lling everything from blacks to whites to chinese, to even philippines
cut off his head with a guillotine
rip out his spleen and play with him like guitar strings
i’m so extreme, pass me some nicotine and some gasoline
and i’ma make the biggest fire you ever seen
plus, it’s halloween, time for a murder scene
and i’m the sickest serial k!ller n*ggas has ever seen
[verse 4: h*llusin8]
it’s the return of the satanic lychen
taking over towns, i pillage like a viking
you cannot run this beast because i’m fast as lightning
to rape and skeet, ate her life, i’m f*cking biting
clear blue night, full white moon
the sick is stalking our prey, finally ate moon
how many bodies does it take to calm down
i need ’em, foaming at the mouth
that means it’s time to feed

[verse 5: bliss bindope]
personify the karma of calling pirañas eyes
before she sp*wns back, madonna’s psalms deified
obama’s paradise, my drama with hair expires
i’ll bomb you with napalm and now you’ve been fried
realize freedom slights the life when the sheep abides
the lion just overrules your crew when she eats your bride
all dressed up but nowhere to go when the queen arrived
better step your bars up like an octave slide

[verse 6: odium]
he’s a necrophile, watch the bodies pile
stab him in the abdomen and now he leaking bile
i’ma be here for a while, hack the b*tches with my saw
cutting off the arms and legs then i take the f*cking jaw
see me smiling when i’m naked, i be swinging with an axe
turn a motherf*cking b*tch into a pack of human slabs
i’ll be crying while i’m laughing so conflicted when i stab
leaving b*tches leaking red just like it was a maxipad
[verse 7: skeddy j.]
i’ll beat a b*tch to death and start hacking her f*cking neck
and have s*x with a severed head and sleep with it when i’m in bed
i’m off my meds so my medication’s replaced with temptations
to murder faces, leaving lacerations on you b*tches
separate you haters, f*cking bodies in half with a chainsaw
cut your brains raw, wearing your skin like i’m leatherface
giving chase through the woods ’til i catch you and seal your fate
take you back to my place and wear your face like norman bates

[verse 8: jade the nightmare]
croatoan, i’ll drag you through the oceans
enter mental, it’s all evil’s, all i’ve known
rep that goth*hop, possessing kiddies while they play
hopscotch, non*hop
got my eyes white, pop you like some cellulite
now i’m down with you like tearing rappers into letters
on the mic, my people like my voice like mc lyte
but i’m minding my own biz
no one may get the karma for the blood moon gets shown
triple six, croatoan, my name is jade, ya

[verse 9: legacey]
kamikaze, suicide squad with the super*soaker
melée monster, my fist rest in cobra holsters
exchange cash and brains bashed, now you know who’s colder
bring pain fast and we laugh ’til the dying’s over
spread h*ll and witness my violent sickness
red is to my pestilence, baking bodies in desolates (yeah!)
evaporate the innocent ones that come meddling
flow so dope i do time just for selling it
[verse 10: jenocia x]
slipping in ’til you fl!ck incisions to fickle b*tches
behold the masterpiece, havoc is had by sacrilegious
casually causing casualties, faction nasty as factories
laughing and breaking habits of apathy as i slash my victims
don’t put me to the point where i’m just not giving a f*ck
i’m taking your life, i spread on the sidewalk in front of your daughters bus
and i’m not giving a sh*t but your god is my witness
the evil within me has swallowed your soul
when i’m dragging these vermin to burn in a burner
whip, chained is my slaves as i rot in my throne

[verse 11: donnie menace]
sicker than most and gripping an old buck knife
to cut and dice you to slit up your throat
too many wack n*ggas think that they’re dope
not knowing that they’re getting f*cked for a shot like a video, hoe
when people say i get dirty they mean bringing the flows
when people say you get dirty they mean you stink and need soap
quick to violate even if your family’s round
sever your arm and give it to your youngest sibling, that’s a hand*me down

[verse 12: sinful]
it’s like i’m starving i hear, let’s fill ’em all with fear
summon the sin of blacklist, now the demon appear
reverting back to the old sin, praying that the devil steady hold my soul in
so i don’t release my demons, k!ll ’em all
jesus, can you hear me? not at all
can anybody free me, cut him off
demons screaming at me, you’re the one

[verse 13: grewsum]
you’ve got a problem, don’t even mention it
or i’ll choke you to death with the hands i’m holding intestines with
i was born with a chip on my shoulder, homie accepted it
send a rapper with a backpack home with his head in it
i’m only aggressive and you should already know this
k!lling for no reason, i don’t need no drama or motives
chainsaw with it’s motor going, i’m off and the saw is mowing down everyone
k!lling ’em all is just all i’m knowing

[verse 14: chuckklez]
the chain is finally broken, now i’m going on a murder spree
hungry as a rabid dog and humans are my cravings
never gonna stop until your flesh is in my t**th
when i’m tearing through your battered body like some fresh meat
n*ggas need to learn that their god won’t save them
when f*cking with the monster who’s about to come and slay them
painting up the walls with their f*cking insides
leave their carcass spreading eagle, getting molested by the flies

[verse 15: mc frank hatchett]
i’m a real sick b*st*rd
sitting in the moonlight of people that i’ve captured
feel this sh*t like thermite
every time i rode through i know that you have heard right
feasting on your dead meat would too return light
lunatic, dog face, welcome to the sin
chances of you living is very f*cking slim
now i’m howling for a piece of bone
didn’t know the creeper’s home
all these voices in my dome
won’t you f*cking leave me alone

[verse 16: infamous m]
the unholy unexplored around my neck
the moon shines, they don’t want the taste of mortal flesh
i take form, coming for your f*cking neck
i’ll rip you to shreds, shove your heads
i’m drinking your blood, yes
chew you up and sh*t you out
i don’t regurgitate, a steaming pile like all the rest
the maggots love to eat your brains
i’m unstable, think youi’ll need a bigger blade
as i un*off with my head you little b*tch

[verse 17: komatose]
yeah, i’ll beat you with my bear hands, i’m a fair man
slip on this mask, it’s like “where’s sam?”
he’s not there fam, my alter ego is a switch
i’m the covert reigning champion of where to hide a b*tch
eyeing this chick, she’ll be mine in a bit
laid out on the dinner table, dying and sh*t
apple in her mouth, brown sugar on her skin
dressed to impress, l!cking my lips, let dinner begin

[verse 18: swizzz]
huh, see, i’m the type to stop at a green light
hear her at it and jump out of the car, looking to fight
i might look unassuming ’til you zoom in a little closer
notice i’m holding a couple .45s in the holster
ready to go off, detonate
trigger pull, i penetrate
then spike your daughter’s lemonade
spit ’til i can’t ventilate
always been a renegade
keep it real then watch ’em fade
this sh*t you can’t replicate (nope)

[verse 19: saint sinna]
rocking the mark of the beast, it’s a balk in the streets
a tongue taught there by speech that’ll cause you to bleed
you saw what they preach
then i grab a corpse for this meat
moving out, alarming this creep
then put you in a coffin deceased
i whisper soft that these cleavers had took you in
and fill your f*cking head with the two thoughts of a haunted man
just left a crater, everything else is under sin
so mean that you march to the pearly gates, we’re busting in

[verse 20: h*llsp*wn hoodlum]
you better believe in all these evil creatures coming to eat you all
you running, be hiding behind the bible
preaching sh*t, just making fun
i’ll take you on and leave you stomped inside
they call me the h*llsp*wn
it’s war time in my head and heart
so, when i spark it’s like a bomb
i bore the head of a beast
the roach live in the flame some
roast, and hidden within this pain i’m holding bitter regret
and cold, my soul is coming up out of the deepest evil, ripping angels out the sky
even the demons who wanna defeat me
never believe until they die

[verse 21: claas]
yeah! i’m transformed to immortal so watch your being (yeah!)
he’s steering everybody that’s clueless to other sin (yeah!)
depreciating their life, laughing while others is bleeding (haha!)
it’s interesting enough that i’m captivated, believe me
seeing is just believing, retrieve your organs like fetch (yeah!)
bookies making a profit, receiving money for bets (raw!)
they know that i am the best, no need to go second guess
when you question the god you’ll get lightning bolts to the chest (let’s go!)

[verse 22: crusher the immortal]
i’m gripping a swath, with infinite loss
while these b*tches are slinging, glitching, b*tching that bones are gods
i’m the cannon and i’m set for going off
packing the souls of my enemies into me like a bong
f*ck off! you don’t wanna die b*tch
gone strong! you couldn’t see me otherwise we collide
i’ll throw a fist so hard that when a bone breaks it’ll sound like i’m cracking a fault line (grr)

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