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lirik lagu bag it –


baggin’ up these blocks like tetris ima beat ’em
we’re gon’ air it out just like the cleaners
how you hate me when your n-gg-s wanna be us
she can’t dare me cause the b-tches wanna meet us
my lil’ candy b-tch she always wanna treat us
call her candy paint he strapped up with them heaters
black balenciagas’ but these just my beaters
nineteen years old we outchea flexin’ know you see us
i pull up on that b-tch she ride in my uber
my lil’ hoe ride with that .30 not no ruger
i been rappin’ i been stackin’ ‘member when i was in hoopin’
all this money i be holdin’ ain’t no way she wit’ a louie
(gotta) gotta ask that b-tch who you know do it cooler
don’t keep askin’ b-tch you know i can’t come sooner
why you askin’ b-tch i’m ridin’ ’round with shooters
i’m just ashin’ b-tch just don’t just like my hoopin’
i can’t p-ss this sh-t, i don’t need no fashion tips
g-star on my -ss ‘n sh-t, these red wings what i’m swaggin’ in
he be swag jackin’ sh-t, i’m a star like asterious
i’m the one to take a risk, i’m the one to take his b-tch
i be movin’ like a buffalo soldier
young warhol he put these p-ssy boys on posters
f-ck with starbucks i don’t drink no f-ckin’ fours
hold the xan fold in my mental like a folder
ima keep that lil’ b-tch wet just like a coaster
ridin’ down a coaster, miami b-mpin’ sosa
mix it with the soda i’m sippin’ muddy potion
that b-tch be like oh sh-t you smooth like some ocean

you smooth like some ocean
hold that that .30 with the ammo like a soldier
ridin’ ’round b-mpin’ sosa
ridin’ ’round b-mpin’ sosa
bag it, bag it, bag it, bag it, bag it
bag it, bag it, bag it, swaggin’, bag it
bag it, bag it, bag it, bag it, bag it