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lirik lagu 10shots – warlrd


[intro: warlrd & sp00kie]
yuh, aye, lil’ b*tch
what, what, yuh
yo b*tch just f*cked me like, just last week, what’s up with that?
yeah lil’ b*tch you gotta tie your hoe up, what’s good with it?
aye, yuh
i ate her out too like, what the h*ll?

[verse 1: warlrd]
knife in his gut he need a doctor
b*tch don’t give head so i clocked her
that b*tch wanna f*ck so i c*cked her
that b*tch a hoe you shoulda locked her

[verse 2: sp00kie]
she suck on my d*ck like it’s a mcflurry (mcdonalds!)
gotta dash now cause i’m in a real hurry
indian b*tch p*ssy taste like curry
f*ck i don’t care, get head from a furry

[verse 3: warlrd]
i got your b*tch in the back of my car (i do)
i just popped another f*ckin’ xanax bar
run up on me imma give you a scar
you p*ssy lil’ b*tch you ain’t goin far

[verse 4: sp00kie]
b*tch’s v*g*n* smell like a fishstick
say your ex better but he got some fish d*ck (nemo!)
hoe say she g*y, onto the next b*tch
onto a new hoe, she be mad thick

[verse 5: warlrd]
pull up on your block and i’m clearin’ it out
did a drive*by with the f*ckin’ stick out
you is a p*ssy you f*ckin’ strike out
f*ck on your b*tch and i do not pull out

[verse 6: sp00kie]
yes p*ssy boy i watch anime
you can make fun of me say that it’s g*y
while your b*tch sneak out like every day (that b*tch mad thick)
so she can gobble on my p*n*s spray

[verse 7: warlrd]
pull up on me it’s five shots to your head
p*ssy boy pull up i’m leavin’ you dead
i be f*ckin’ your b*tch on the bed (she a hoe though)
you ain’t a real hitter you work for the feds

[verse 8: sp00kie]
two words, one phrase, f*ck you
you know i’ll beat you up and cut you
rip apart your belly eat your guts too (cannibalism)
take the rest of your body and make fondue

[verse 9: warlrd]
just fingered your b*tch in the back of my truck
full fisted that hoe, i wish her goodluck
your b*tch wanna date, but i just wanna f*ck
stay with the glock and i’m keepin’ it tucked

[outro: sp00kie & warlrd]