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lirik lagu please state the nature of the medical emergency – warp 11


i got a bladder infection on rigel vii
a bladder infection, oh no

i got genital warts from mr. warf
i got genital warts, oh no

i need a rectal exam
from a hologram
i need some corbomite
to kill my parasite
i need a hypo spray
so i won’t hear them say
“he’s dead jim”

i got a kidney stone
help me dr. bones
i got a kidney stone, oh no

i got a rock in my —-
help me dr. phlox
i got a rock in my —-, oh no

i got an std from dr. pulaski
i got syphilis from tom paris
i got pubic lice from odo twice
i got gonorrhea from mr. data
i got a case of herpes from beverly
i’ve had the runs for a year
help me, bashir

i got a ——- hemorrhoid as big as an android
a ——- hemorrhoid, oh no

i got constipation on a deep sp-ce station
got constipation, oh no

i got a case of tourette’s, —-