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lirik lagu q – warp 11


are you a wizard?
are you a god?
are you here just to p-ss off picard?
oh, what do you care?
are you surprised?
no one likes you here on the enterprise

why do you do
what you do
when you do?
that voodoo that you do
that you for you

your bitter life
so cold and hard
you’re only glad when you p-ss off picard
so get out of here
or i’m gonna spew
you are something that i just can’t construe

why do you do
what you do
when you do?
oh, please get a clue
and just say adieu

oh, why are you here and what will you do?
now that we know that your lies just aren’t true
oh, you do the math
one and three don’t make two
if this ship has a lawyer, then i’m gonna sue

first chorus

second chorus