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lirik lagu 3 days sober – wassup rocker


peyton hey, i know i suck but i would love more than anything in the whole wide world to be your valentine. i don’t really know if its a big deal to you or not but i feel horrible for messing up ur ingenious little thing so i’m gonna do my best to make it up in this little message. i have loved every moment i have spent with you these past weeks and you just make me a better person and i have better grades because of you and i do my devotions because of you and you are so mature and like you are just amazing i literally spend the whole day thinking about you i was even thinking about you during soccer today and my coach got mad cuz i was distracted hehe. you are my favorite face to see and u are the cutest lil boo thang and plz forgive me

(p.s i was not going to tell you this but i’ve always agreed that jim and pam are the better couple i just say ross and rachel are better because ur cute when ur mad 🙂

p.p.s ill probably lose my g*nius membership because of this message but ur worth it

the guy who likes you most, elias