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lirik lagu 1000 lies freestyle – wavy jone$


im looking out the window sick of seeing the same thing
the same rain dripping down the pane different d*mn day
i maintained made it all the way end page
i changed lanes now i don’t even know the end game
i rolled the dice twice now i’m stuck with the gamble
i know the heart hurt, i know the heart hard to handle
im looking up above watching the stars burn like candles
im finna float away like just like a dove off the lamp post
i’m on the grind shining harder than i ever did
on divine timing, the only thing i’m moving on
i’ll apply pressure i see the storm it’s taking form
breaking out the hive mind now we taking swarm
i gotta get it i’m betting more than im spending
ready for whatever coming not worried bout the weather
never lacking if u want it come & get it
talk is cheap if i said it then i meant it

i think that i heard it about a thousand times
i think that i heard about a thousand lies
i don’t wanna be the one to tell u
i thought that i need u but i’m feeling fine