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lirik lagu to plant a seed – we came as romans


“to plant a seed”

we’ve planted a seed, an ever growing wonder to a beautiful tree. grow.
each branch outstretched and different from the rest.
where the old have broken off, some easier than the last.
the right ones have grown in to fill in the gaps.
and all are equal in love and trust.
and all are a part of something so much bigger than this.
through the trials our tongues are tied, to trying times, so many unsaid lines.
our lives were over in so many moments, so many moments.
and now they’re all just beginning.
i have never been so consumed and i have never loved it more.
to be devoted to letting all see what it is to live in the love of others.
to live in the love of my brothers.
and spilling back on anyone has ever spilled for me.
to show that to those who have never seen.
four years ago we planted a seed.
found that foundation that we need.
strived for the perfect balance, to show love and show comp-ssion.
and our vision for this world will not die when we are dead.
my future started with the first note that i ever played.
the first note that was ever sang.
when we started living with purpose and writing with meaning.
this is what we were made for.
every day i live this future.