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lirik lagu raw winter – wereworld


pride… a mountain of pride
enough pride for a great whole nation
sightless… wrathful predators hunting the throne
of a threatened world
the seed of evil was swon
growing like a f-ckin’ cancer
“genetic superior race”
as nude to frosts
as any other man

why? the land is covered up with snow…

all senses don’t feel but pain
wind tears and bites like jaws
limbs begin to crack
when fingers became the sharpest ice
“this icy plain seems endless
i can’t take a single step”
all liquid stops flowing
and then motherland
will take revenge

these huge plains of snow
will be your eternal home
in quest for the skies
you’ve found inferno’s doors

fear hate and scorn
can change our beloved world
can twist a bitter life
can fill a sea with blood

why? the frost can defeat our kind…
‘cause you are human after all

why? flames die so fast
where the superior race crawls
i and all of us will thank you until death