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lirik lagu 1st things 1st – wes hodge


…i’ve been keeping y’all waitin’/
..i’m tired of retracting my thinkin’/
i know y’all tired of these fact*less statements/
i just hope that you don’t pass on my latest/
i’m looking up to the greatest, but i ain’t talkin’ bout ali/
my presence here, is a present. won’t let my pass work define me/
instead, i’ll let it refine me, to stomach up what’s inside me/
i’m focused on la fitness..gettin’ rid of the bally/
..changin’ my stance on how i’m swingin’ on every song/
i’m hittin’ with 24, i call it my barry bonds/
i’m drinkin’ that living water, not juicin’ like barry bonds/
if he didn’t lie, then a million was barry’s bond/
my point is that i’m tryna be honest in every song/
if you’re visioning what’s right, you should listen to every wrong/
i tell you. the real is risin’ up, while the flaws are fallin’ down/
i had to step on the shy, so we could meet on common ground/
.yes i bleed just like you/
“but i’m smashin’ broads”. homie i done crushed like 2/
times 2, times 2. this is not a lie dude/
what goods a callings if your flaws are on the other line dude?/
i’m transparent. y’all are looking through a glass wall/
check the scratches on my surface. you are in my dancehall/
no jamaica, but i wanna recognize the jah maker/
who took a free fallin’, gyrator, john mayer/