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lirik lagu rambo – wet splash


wet splash featuring icy t on the track
get it

[verse 1]
countin’ this money is all that i do
is that your b-tch? i’ll take her from you
spreadin’ her legs like spread b-tter on toast
just strip down your clothes to see who i want most

[verse 2]
sippin’ and slurpin’ i got your b-tch burpin’ (burp)
screakin’ and skrrtin’ i’ve got the feds lurkin’
won’t settle for less what i’m doin’ is workin’
these b-tches is twerkin’ the other is jerkin’

[verse 3]
kid from north canton i’m livin’ the dream
get on my bad side, i’ll bring out my team
b-tches so bad pants will bust out the seam
icy t is my man he’ll shoot you with the beam

[verse 4]
they call me wet splash cause i bring in the cash
20-mil on the whip, 80-mil on the dash
sooner or later you know i’mma smash
she asked for the wet so i gave her the splash