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lirik lagu 18 (freestyle) – wevvss


back to stage again
i’m back to stage again
a lot of people say that i will pretend again
my homie still asking why you don’t have a fan
for what a fan if you can just call them a fam
sitting here just eating a spam
im just kid from small city, yeah
so why you still feel scared, ah

this rapper doesn’t have enough bars
to fill my rocket tank so i can go to mars
and maybe i can go explore some other stars bring elon’s car,god i too far, maybe yeah

i don’t care what you think what you talk about my music
i just write that from my heart and i know i top it
i just stand up in my class explaining some physics
cause people say im the best please look out the lyrics

making so much music i don’t care if they will go big
please stop this nonsense, i just think i can’t accept it
this rappers only think about a fame, but they are too lame, to accept what i said
my bars and brain they work together like a chain
to k!ll this mumble rapper that fillin in this game

i came for south east asia, bring in some nasi goreng
pulang sekolah langsung bikin bar and chill again
kau bilang ini rendah dakilah ciremai
you need to hear every godd*mn word that i will go say
black lives matter, all lives matter
lets pray together so this world can get better
shout out to doctor, they are real heroes
shout to all people that share positive thought

f*ck the goverments corrupt
lihat jalan bolong bolong ke manakan uang rakyat
beli mercy pake uang rakyat
but i just have supra fit i think thats more than enough, yeah

you need to see when im k!llin on this booth, spitting truth
and digging more root, and digging more root
my lyric is not too long but is better then your suit
i just wanna speak the truth, speak the truth, till this beat will going mute
going mute, and i feeling that is true yeah

difall and me gonna make this sh*t feel so smooth
masstown gonna fly to the sky today
i hope you just sit in there and lets do some pray

shout out to cole,shout out to drizzy
shout out to, shout out to dreamville
man you doing a lot
im just young kid turned 18 right now
but i got a bigger dream than president trump
and i go to the town and a lot people ask
where you from kid, i just say from kuningan
small city with a horse and beautiful sky
and i dont need to explain cause they will just know now