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lirik lagu the sorrow within – when nothing remains


an empty place
a forceful aspiration
enduringly within
the tears will fall
from swollen eyes
and a silent scream
will burst from bleeding lips

it hurts
the sorrow within
like the silence
after a disaster
i can hear my thoughts
but i can’t bear them
how can i live
with a breach inside
an emptiness…

it could be a nightmare
it could be a scar on my skin
but it just burn inside
all save me
from the past i have
my memories
rip them out from my heart
give me your air
give me all that is me
it feels like i’m fading away
and it’s no return

it was not me
causing this pain and misery
it was not the dream i once had

it could be different
it could be good again
all save me
from my memories
tear them out from my ruined soul
give me your sinew
give me all that is me
shatter the past i have
before i’m lost forever