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lirik lagu anger! who keeps you under? – white fence


anger! who keeps you under?
come firemen of crime
wash off all the grease now
come wash the coat i’ve tried
the hands that trick the body
that’s how the knife decides

here oh angel here
on my old lovers’ head
that’s how i stare at the world

the carpenter and the wind
jealous candles of the fire
there’s always someone coming
and silence always dies down

leave me for the summer
the framing of the mirror
worlds that crash each other
who keeps you under?

you have his body
it’s the only one you need
the squeaky gets the grease

drugs for life, drugs for life
drugs for life in your palm
beautiful day on your own
and no one keeps you under
if silence is the question
i never liked the answer
give me all your anger
pieces of the mirror
who keeps you under?