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lirik lagu 01:45 freestyle – whoisklash



vibe with me ah yahh yahhhh ehhh
just vibe with me right now
roll that weed right now

i want you to come over (x2)
tell me that you miss me (x2)
tell me l been on your mind
you’ve been thinking about me
i’m just talking all the time
girl, right now i swear you looking h-lla fine
mighty fine
girl, you looking like you should be mine
all the time girl
lemme tell you – a secret
i just wonder – will you keep it
will you be my mama – cita
you a s-xy little – thing yah
ooohhh girl you freaky
you f-cking freaky
i just love it when you freak me
you f-cking geeky
got me all up in my feelings
how i’m feeling
baby girl you the reason
that i’m feeling
how i’m feeling
sometimes i just gotta pray
sometimes i just gotta pray
coz baby you a blessing, i can’t – lie
and sometimes i just smoke – i get too high
i can’t lie
you just got me vibing girl you a vibe