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lirik lagu i’m still the topkid – whoiszarix?


i’ll be d*mned if i let this one go
lucy got my heart and my whole soul

i had a great time just to let you know, but you rather his side over my side so i guess i’ll go
that’s his hoe, that’s his hoe, not my hoe
lucy can’t come back to me cause i’m not home
you’re on your runway to connection shows
i’m not with lucy so leave me alone
i’m getting to that money and i’m telling ’em bye, but b*tch i want more
they can hate on me but b*tch i’m still the topkid

lucy’s lying, i’m flying, love’s dying

why i’m flying, why i’m flying, why?
lucy’s been on my mind, get her out my mind
i ain’t in your mind, never on your mind
why would i even try? i just wanna die

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