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lirik lagu voicemail skit – wifisfuneral


i don’t know why the f-ck you do the things that you do to me; why the f-ck you sit here, knowing you’re gonna be someone but still tend to treat the person that loves you like sh-t. how the f-ck does that add up? yeah, you’re from west palm beach, yeah, yeah, yeah, but why the f-ck you acting all shady for? n-gg-, i love you. and you’re gonna sit here and you’re gonna act like you don’t give a f-ck about me? those groupies don’t give a f-ck about you. what girl gonna try to have the love that i’ve given you? i’ve loved you forever. i believed in you, i trusted you, and what the f-ck do you to me? where the f-ck are you now, now that i need you? where were you when i called you? after all the sh-t that you’ve done to me, i don’t know why the f-ck i want you here. i loved you, through everything, every addiction, every pain, every hurt. f-ck you.