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lirik lagu sweet emotion – wild prxfits


this is what music is supposed to sound like

wild prxfits

back in the days no worries an no fears no tragedy no tears
more lyricist more ears penmanship sentencing that more years
my vision was impaired was sheltered from these scares
they kept selling us this fiction what’s the mission i’ve been missing
gaining wisdom bring attention to the tension, tempting
wish they taught all the value points taught about love
hood would showin us all the saddest points move an slinging drugs
wish they taught us about credit while we stacking up them credits
wish they gave us basic knowledge while we studying in college
wish for p-ssion more success not a youngin losing breath
trust more an careless i was so care less
wish i knew what i know now to slow down no bobby v lost time is what bother me
apologies if i hurt you through my growing pains
i learned the game cutting through the lines departing on the soul train

woke up from a slumber
feeling super groggy
vision choppy
strut sloppy
looking out the gl-ss pane
weather reported ame
the rain just won’t go away
mind as well pour it on me
mister the other side of the hill
it k!lls softly
my brother was onto the gram before
it was social
been warm to the wrongs of the world before i was global
my circle ain’t been the same
we done changed and became oval
society out here trying to dispose of the hopeful
but i got myself a queen anna paquin
she don’t gotta call cause i’m an
from the empire where we gotta
turn to the sith for us blacks to win
itching to wipe away the melanin
play my people like we all a game of scratch and win
but we ain’t eem do nothing
so whys our life a lottery
best moments hiding inside the bottom of
the pottery
opportunity been banging at my door