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lirik lagu ​​drako – ​wildkarduno


yeah (yeah, b*tch ahh n*gga)
gang (yeah, pull up, n*gga)
yeah (f*ck)
(yeah, you know what the f*ck goin’ on)

i jumped off the porch, did it on my own, n*gga (i did it on my own, b*tch, on gang)
yeah, get me a bag, reckless just say, “hit my phone, n*gga” (hit my phone, n*gga, on five)
yeah, get me the drac’, i’ma hit that n*gga dome, n*gga
yeah, you’n know sh*t, yeah, you’n know what i seen, n*gga (you’n know what i seen, n*gga, on gang)
if you got a l!ck, n*gga, all you need is you a team, n*gga (you need you a team, n*gga)
yeah, stay down in that court, n*gga, you better not say sh*t (say sh*t, n*gga)
and if you say sh*t, we gon’ knock yo’ dreads off like a haitian
yeah, and i know i’m tryna go up, n*gga, i’m just staying patient

[verse 2]
i done went through this sh*t, n*gga
arp stick with the coolant kit, n*gga
me and blitz, we just coolin’ it, n*gga
yeah, cap, rap ahh n*gga ain’t on sh*t
got it out the mud, i got my own sh*t
backwood, i don’t smoke out a comb, b*tch
yeah, on five, n*gga
yeah, you gon’ die, n*gga
y’all p*ssy ahh n*ggas bеt’ hide, n*gga
yeah, you lied, n*gga
you said you was gon’ ride, n*gga
just come inside, n*gga
we got bags for low n high, n*gga

yеah (yeah, got low n high, n*gga)
f*ck goin’ on, n*gga (got low n high)

[verse 3]
you ain’t run inside of sh*t, n*gga (f*ck)
that, lil’ block, we get it spin’t, n*gga
that, lil’ band that you spent, n*gga
want smoke? close the vent, n*gga
take him off at the pent, n*gga
you’n know how it feel, sleep in a tent, n*gga
yeah (yeah, gang)
(yeah, you’n know how that feel, n*gga)
(sweet ahh n*gga, yeah)
(i miss you, baby, i’m sorry, yeah)